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tr.v. en·hanced, en·hanc·ing, en·hanc·es
To improve or augment, especially in effectiveness, value, or attractiveness: exercises that enhance cardiovascular health; spices that enhance the flavor of a sauce; renovations that enhance the neighborhood.

[Middle English enhauncen, from Anglo-Norman enhauncer, variant of Old French enhaucier, from Vulgar Latin *inaltiāre, from Late Latin inaltāre : Latin in-, causative pref.; see en-1 + Latin altus, high; see al- in Indo-European roots.]

en·hance′ment n.
en·hanc′er n.
en·hanc′ive adj.
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Adj.1.enhancive - intensifying by augmentation and enhancement
intensifying - increasing in strength or intensity
2.enhancive - serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body; "cosmetic surgery"; "enhansive makeup"
aesthetical, esthetic, esthetical, aesthetic - concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste; "the aesthetic faculties"; "an aesthetic person"; "aesthetic feeling"; "the illustrations made the book an aesthetic success"
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However, it can be said from these results that the addition of more catalyst had an enhancive impact on the dielectric constant.
With time, he came to believe that while Trikatu was not curative, it was enhancive, that it intensified the effects of the formulas and medicines in which it was found.
To increase the heat transfer area even more for the "core enhancive" area--vapor path--a new type of condenser with separation circuiting is proposed as shown in Figure 3.

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