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An authoritative request or injunction: an enjoinder not to swim when the lifeguard was off duty.

[From enjoin (modeled on rejoinder).]


an order or obligation


(ɛnˈdʒɔɪn dər)

1. a prohibition by injunction.
2. an emphatic directive or order.
[1890–95; derivative of enjoin, after rejoinder]
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The softness of the anaphora, a repetition of grammatical mood rather than term, echoes the softness of the enjoinders, in the service of yet more metonymic and deictic presentation of place, and the dissolution and reconstitution of that place as literature.
In 1608 and 1615 again, enjoinders appeared against women wearing male apparel and boys appearing on the stage as females.
However, this grafting does not occur specifically within the essay, working instead through implicit analogy via the reader's ability to connect Deleuzian/Bergsonian critiques of time and the popular academic enjoinders to reinvent the humanities mentioned in the introduction.