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v. en·joyed, en·joy·ing, en·joys
1. To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
2. To have the use or benefit of: enjoys good health.
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
enjoy oneself
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.

[Middle English enjoien, from Old French enjoir : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + joir, to rejoice (from Latin gaudēre; see gāu- in Indo-European roots).]

en·joy′a·ble adj.
en·joy′a·bly adv.
en·joy′er n.
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Adv.1.enjoyably - in an enjoyable mannerenjoyably - in an enjoyable manner; "we spent a pleasantly lazy afternoon"
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adv (= pleasantly)auf angenehme Art; (= entertainingly)unterhaltsam; (= with enjoyment)mit Vergnügen
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The emphasis is on enjoyably hectic multiplayer bouts (plus a decidedly simple singleplayer mode) and even with just four players to order around, things get messy very quickly.
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The choices that we make regarding food and edibles determine how well our bodies can cope with stress; how well our immune systems protect us from diseases; our ability to maintain normal weight and blood pressure; plus our ability to age enjoyably without contracting many diseases commonly associated with growing old.
Service is friendly and a PS1.30 cone of cute, short-cut but enjoyably chunky chips weighed 280C on my in-car scales and hit 75C on the chipometer.
I particularly enjoyed the reminiscences of Mark Mothersbaugh of American art-rock band Devo - who satirised corporate life and conformity, and gave us an enjoyably quirky and robotic version of The Rolling Stones' (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.