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v. en·joyed, en·joy·ing, en·joys
1. To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
2. To have the use or benefit of: enjoys good health.
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.
enjoy oneself
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.

[Middle English enjoien, from Old French enjoir : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + joir, to rejoice (from Latin gaudēre; see gāu- in Indo-European roots).]

en·joy′a·ble adj.
en·joy′a·bly adv.
en·joy′er n.
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Noun1.enjoyer - a person who delights in having or using or experiencing something
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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I would very much like to contribute my 30 years administrative experience to the Cook Memorial Library Board, and absolutely my lifelong experience as a dedicated library enjoyer.
How selfish I'd been for ten months: the sole enjoyer of the tactile pleasure of writing--of drawing big blue Bs, round as a bluebird's loop-de-loop.
Moreover, she is both victim and enjoyer of social discipline, represented by the ability to view others' weaknesses:
This comparison seems to be pertinent to the radicality of the clinic of showing in Erickson's (Erickson & Rossi, 1979) hypnosis based on the idea of iconicity, where the therapist evokes several possibilities of experiences during the trance grounded on his/her differences in face of the other that, as the music enjoyer, dives into his/her own experience and finds his/ her ethos.
He says that it is this sabda which expresses itself in all the forms; it has got the manifestation of bhokta (enjoyer), bhukta (enjoyed) and bhoga (enjoyment), and in all the states, as per Bhartrhari who considers it Brahma, the sabda Brahma which prevails everywhere, which simultaneously is the cause of reality and illusion in one and the same tiling.
Luka is an entrepreneur, author, strength/fitness/business coach (yes, all that), world traveler, life enjoyer (is that even a word?) and former pro-basketball player who is working on hooping consistently again.
Throughout her life, including in her final days, she was an enjoyer of her boys, her daughters-in-law, her grandchildren and the every day experiences of life.
The livelihood implications of climatic changes are most profoundly felt among the urban poor, landless, and remote communities, who enjoyer fewer assets with which to mitigate the effects of migration and resettlement.
Most important for our purposes is the 32-item list entitled "The Author's and Book Enjoyer's Bill of Rights, At Least Insofar as the Book Jacket Is Concerned" ("Notes" ix-xi)--a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Unites States Constitution--included in the booklet-length editor's note.
Meanwhile, Literature Wales ensures that 85,000 people each year in Wales are engaged in literature, whether as a writer, reader, organiser or enjoyer of a night out with poets.
From interviews, four different types of young people can be deduced: the Self-Conscious Generalist, the For-Convenience's-Sake Enjoyer of Life, the Acquiescent Follower, and the Status-Focused Future Thinker.
One might suggest that I take no pleasure in not being sick just because it is impossible to enjoy propositions that are not true, or that the enjoyer does not believe.