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Noun1.enlarged heart - an abnormal enlargement of the heartenlarged heart - an abnormal enlargement of the heart; "mild cardiomegaly is common in athletes"
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
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Genevieve Smith of Tulane University's Center for Sport in New Orleans was lead author of the enlarged heart study.
Mr Ellery read reports from medical experts which said that she had an enlarged heart, and had drugs including cocaine and methadone in her system.
Dr Bosede Adebayo, Consultant Pediatrics Cardiologist at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in a letter confirming that Joy needs financial help to undergo a surgery as results of the chest x-ray carried out on her, has revealed that she has an enlarged heart with a CTR of 0.7 and widespread patchy opacities.
He said initial tests indicated the woman had an enlarged heart with fluids around it.
PML-N leaders inquired about Nawaz Sharif's health, to which the former prime minister replied that he had been told by the doctors of having an enlarged heart. 'I told doctors that I have a big heart and am a big-hearted person.'
When PML-N leaders inquired after Nawaz Sharif's health, he said that he had been told by the doctors that hehas enlarged heart. "I told doctors that I have a big heart and am a big-hearted person.
He added: "Mrs Carolan was not a well woman with multiple pathologies identified at autopsy which included an enlarged heart with left ventricular hypertrophy together with evidence of acute lung injury, kidney and heart failure.
The poster boy of the Mirror's Change the Law for Life campaign will describe how parents Emma and Paul were told he had an enlarged heart and would need a new one.
DCM is a heart-muscle disease that results in an enlarged heart, which may result in leaking valves and eventually congestive heart failure.
Within hours of his decision, Keira's heart was taken to Newcastle upon Tyne to save Max, who had waited six months for a transplant to replace his dangerously enlarged heart.
Emad Bukhari successfully preformed yesterday an open-heart surgery on a young man in Mukalla City, Yemen, where the medical team changed the patient's enlarged heart valve.
Heroine and cocaine were in Chris's blood, which may have contributed to his fatally enlarged heart, the ultimate cause of his death.