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v. en·list·ed, en·list·ing, en·lists
1. To engage (persons or a person) for service in the armed forces.
2. To engage the support or cooperation of.
1. To enter the armed forces.
2. To participate actively in a cause or enterprise.

en·list′ment n.
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Noun1.enlisting - the act of getting recruitsenlisting - the act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.)
accomplishment, achievement - the action of accomplishing something
References in classic literature ?
Sir," said the lieutenant, "my serjeant informed me that you are desirous of enlisting in the company I have at present under my command; if so, sir, we shall very gladly receive a gentleman who promises to do much honour to the company by bearing arms in it.
Jones answered: "That he had not mentioned anything of enlisting himself; that he was most zealously attached to the glorious cause for which they were going to fight, and was very desirous of serving as a volunteer;" concluding with some compliments to the lieutenant, and expressing the great satisfaction he should have in being under his command.
But in everything I have written there is always one invariable intention, and that is to capture the reader's attention, by securing his interest and enlisting his sympathies for the matter in hand, whatever it may be, within the limits of the visible world and within the boundaries of human emotions.
They would help him, gladly; but they must do it in their own way and that meant enlisting the services of their kinsmen and allies of the hill country.
Life itself depended upon his reaching the Kincaid and enlisting the survivors of the ship's crew in his service, for to be abandoned here amidst the dangers of the African jungle where he had won the enmity of the natives was, he well knew, practically equivalent to a sentence of death.
YG Entertainment also confirmed that Seungri will be enlisting after he finishes his solo promotions.
com/article/2017/01/kyuhyun-to-enlist-within-this-year-as-a-social-worker) said : "Kyuhyun will be enlisting this year as a social worker.