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tr.v. en·liv·ened, en·liv·en·ing, en·liv·ens
To make lively or spirited; animate.

en·liv′en·er n.
en·liv′en·ment n.
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Adj.1.enlivening - giving spirit and vivacityenlivening - giving spirit and vivacity    
invigorating - imparting strength and vitality; "the invigorating mountain air"
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The rest of the guests (an old tutor or schoolmaster, goodness knows why invited; a young man, very timid, and shy and silent; a rather loud woman of about forty, apparently an actress; and a very pretty, well-dressed German lady who hardly said a word all the evening) not only had no gift for enlivening the proceedings, but hardly knew what to say for themselves when addressed.
The young man smiled again, but the expression of his face was no longer mingled with a look of anguish; it was a kind benevolent gleam of gratitude and affection which crossed his ghastly features, like a ray of sunshine enlivening the gloom of a day in winter.
Pedestalled and in bronze she might have stood with the noblest of her heroic sisters as "Liver-and-Bacon Enlivening the World." She belonged to Cypher's.
David recalled that Padre Pio also became instrumental in enlivening the faith of those in Europe.
On the public side, the MMTA website went through an enlivening facelift and now includes e-commerce, online registration for various programs, online printable forms, an overview of the organization's many programs, conference news and the popular "Find a Teacher" page.
Whigham's b/w art is action-oriented and very busy; it does a good job of enlivening Verne's novel, which at time resembles an underwater travel video.
The reader, of in this case spectator, is allowed to see just how the object played a role in elevating the senses and enlivening the spirit of the people, be it in performing a war dance, for hunting, or a celebrating a marriage.
Significant voices emerged unfussily by turns, continually enlivening a lesser JS Bach Trio Sonata, Telemann's deft and pert Second Suite from his Paris Quartet Collection, and an almost improvisatory response to a lovely Trio Sonata by CPE Bach.
'We have brought back requests for the twinning of specific congregations which will be another way of further enlivening the link between our nations,' he reported.