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tr.v. en·meshed, en·mesh·ing, en·mesh·es
To entangle or catch in or as if in a mesh. See Synonyms at catch.

en·mesh′ment n.
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The condition of being entangled or implicated:
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For Rizal, independence never meant complete rejection of our European heritage, particularly the values of freedom and democracy, and enmeshment in an international society that had its own age-old norms of behavior.
Others have come to heal their mother wound that may has left them with emotional paralysis, frozen feelings or enmeshment, disaffected with body image, fear of sexuality and sensuality or an inability to relate to self, God and others.
"Some of the professional literature would call such over-sharing 'enmeshment' - and that term is not complimentary.
These aspects include the fact that 1) the contemporary word global is semantically open; 2) has a 'disputedly undisputed' existence and 3) the enmeshment of the adjective global with the globalization discourse.
Family relationship dynamics, such as parent--child attachment, parental support, family cohesion, enmeshment, expressiveness, and conflict, have been found to influence a variety of career constructs (e.g., Shin & Kelly, 2013; Whiston & Keller, 2004), and research provides support for the family of origin as an important contextual influence on the career decision-making process (Sampson, Reardon, Peterson, & Lenz, 2004; Schultheiss, 2003).
Muhammad Moazzam Khan, Technical Advisor, WWF-Pakistan turtle enmeshment is important
In connection with World Turtle Day, which is being observed on Wednesday May 23, WWF-Pakistan chapter Technical Advisor, Mohammad Moazzam Khan said that enmeshment was important issue because of ever increasing gillnet fleet and ghost fishing gears.
Mother Estrangement may be seen among three forms of father enmeshment, supportive, doting, and distant fathers.
As stable patterns shift to coping with the addiction, trauma and stressor build-up, coping strategies such as hypervigilance, control, enabling and enmeshment become the norm.
It is fact that Afghanistan enmeshment is a result of multiple factors.
What is important is that enmeshment within anti-Houthi forces allows for concealment, a chance to demonstrate their superior fighting abilities, and, in some cases, income for AQAP.