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tr.v. en·meshed, en·mesh·ing, en·mesh·es
To entangle or catch in or as if in a mesh. See Synonyms at catch.

en·mesh′ment n.
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The condition of being entangled or implicated:
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It is fact that Afghanistan enmeshment is a result of multiple factors.
What is important is that enmeshment within anti-Houthi forces allows for concealment, a chance to demonstrate their superior fighting abilities, and, in some cases, income for AQAP.
Governments are furthering this enmeshment as they digitise governance services and make "citizenry" conditional on digital enrolment.
In a riveting chapter, 'Downloading the Dreaming', dedicated to Karrabing's enmeshment within informational capitalism, Povinelli mulls over the fact that Karrabing desire to experiment with transmedia platforms using GPS-enabled technology.
Without seeing through, there is enmeshment of consciousness and the contents of consciousness.
Fine and flexible 3D structure of PRF more favorable to cytokine enmeshment and cellular migration.
First, the renaissance in queer arts and its enmeshment with activism, illustrated by choreographer Bill T.
Others have come to heal their mother wound that may has left them with emotional paralysis, frozen feelings or enmeshment, disaffected with body image, fear of sexuality and sensuality or an inability to relate to self, God and others, e-mail themercycenter@aol.
there's an enmeshment between what your tech can do and what you're experiencing in real time.
Specifically relating to the dyad, enmeshment (inappropriate closeness and involvement of the child in parental affairs and the parent in child affairs) was present in all 21 families.
One more thing--successful cultural heritage preservation and the enmeshment of it into the fabric of the daily life of society is a very good economic investment rather than an obstacle to advancement.