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Any of several nine-pointed geometrical figures often held to have magical or mystical significance.

[Greek ennea, nine; see newn̥ in Indo-European roots : -gram.]


a system that analyses human personality by means of nine distinct but interconnected personality types
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For years now these retreat houses have used their place in the Church and in society to promote the New Age ideology--everything from enneagrams, to therapeutic touch and drumming circle prayers.
That may not be to Anglo taste, but the church says that if people want to do it, they may do so just as otherwise sensible people like fiddling around with Enneagrams as part of their spiritual searches.
DESCRIPTION: Enneagram spectrum training and certification program.
Week two designed by the needs and requests of participants and topics to include: mandala assessment, enneagram exploration, call of the soul and archetypal journey.
This three-weekend training is designed for individuals wishing to present a basic enneagram workshop; use the enneagram with groups or individuals in therapy, spiritual direction, business or other settings; or for their own personal growth.
Wide variety of holistic options to choose from: spiritual direction, focusing, intensive journal, enneagram, resource library of videos on earth literacy, art classes, massage, reiki, foot reflexology, yoga.