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tr.v. en·no·bled, en·no·bling, en·no·bles
1. To make noble: "that chastity of honor ... which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil" (Edmund Burke).
2. To confer nobility upon: ennoble a prime minister for distinguished service.

[Middle English *ennoblen, from Old French ennoblir : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + noble, noble; see noble.]

en·no′ble·ment n.
en·no′bler n.
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Noun1.ennoblement - the state of being noble
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
2.ennoblement - the act of raising someone to the nobility
promotion - act of raising in rank or position
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The act of raising to a high position or status or the condition of being so raised:
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To pay the price out of sheer heart-love that could recognize no price too great to pay, had been the ennoblement of Dag Daughtry which Michael had worked.
In former ages, attractiveness was as much an opportunity as it was a threat: a route to social ennoblement, perhaps, but no less a means of attracting more dangerous forms of attention; its end point the pedestal or the pit.
We are also offering a complete top-down embroidery solution - customers can complete each step of the ennoblement process, from the first drawing of the design to the final stitch on our Epoca 7 machine.
For those committed to challenging the status quo, the embrace of revolutionary ideologies often provided a sense of invulnerability and ennoblement amid the historical "deadness" of the present.
Areas of Da'wah for women The educational fields: These are related to the ennoblement of the spirit and the purification of the soul through faith.
On King's first point, an ennoblement was personal and non-inheritable and did not result in a class of nobles being established among the Iban.
It indicates that these coatings provide a large ennoblement and high performance on corrosion.
synonymous with his secular code." (5) Similarly, Marc Ratner writes: "The general theme of Malamud's work is the humanistic value of suffering as a way toward man's ennoblement and enlightenment." (6) And Victoria Aarons says, "Bernard Malamud is the moralist, the humanist, for whom 'what it means to be human' is an acknowledgement of one's incontestable yet always tested responsibility for others.
The exposure of SS to natural waters usually results in the increase (ennoblement) of the open circuit potential (OCP) which is largely attributed to the microbial activities within the biofilm [14-16].
Whereas chapter 1 lays out how Australia attempted to prevent the arrival of refugees, subsequent chapters show how Australia, particularly when there was a labour shortage, slowly, and not without severe setbacks, started to open up to refugee populations other than the blond and blue-eyed "beautiful Balts," who were assumed the least likely to encounter problems in becoming "ideal 'New Australians.'" Given that politicians dreamed of a bigger Australia after the Second World War, even though Australian fertility was then below replacement levels and the ennoblement of motherhood (to use the lingo of that time) would prove insufficient to boost population growth and therefore economic development, Australian decision-makers had to change their approach to refugees.
In Beethoven's concept, this is the music of idealism, of Republicanism, and not of personal ennoblement by way of tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte, who had crowned himself Emperor.