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tr.v. en·no·bled, en·no·bling, en·no·bles
1. To make noble: "that chastity of honor ... which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil" (Edmund Burke).
2. To confer nobility upon: ennoble a prime minister for distinguished service.

[Middle English *ennoblen, from Old French ennoblir : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + noble, noble; see noble.]

en·no′ble·ment n.
en·no′bler n.
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Adj.1.ennobling - investing with dignity or honor; "the dignifying effect of his presence"; "the ennobling influence of cultural surroundings"
noble - having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character; "a noble spirit"; "noble deeds"
2.ennobling - tending to exalt; "an exalting eulogy"; "ennobling thoughts"
inspiring - stimulating or exalting to the spirit
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[ɪnˈnəʊbəlɪŋ] adjennoblissant(e)
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Only those who know the supremacy of the intellectual life-- the life which has a seed of ennobling thought and purpose within it-- can understand the grief of one who falls from that serene activity into the absorbing soul-wasting struggle with worldly annoyances.
Unconsciously on her side, unconsciously on his side, she now wrought on his nature with a purifying and ennobling influence which animated it with a new life.
12 Rules for Life shatters the modern commonplaces of science, faith, and human nature while transforming and ennobling the mind and spirit of its listeners, according to a review published on goodreads.com.
'We recall with gratitude your ennobling contributions to the growth and development of our country Nigeria and we wish you more glorious years of contributions to building a united, peaceful and egalitarian Nigeria.' the statement read.
Veolia, through its subsidiary OTV, has been awarded by the Tunisian national sanitation office (ONAS) a contract for the design and construction of the wastewater treatment plant for the Monastir Technopole and textile polishing park, along with the collection of raw sewage and discharge of treated water.The wastewater treatment plant will enable - in compliance with international standards - the development of the highly expected ennobling industrial zone, thus consolidating the textile industry.
AIRO(R) 24 is the continuous openwidth AIRO(R) tumbler for drying, softening, and ennobling of different kind of fabrics.
Talking of poverty and her initial failures, Rowling said,"...it(Poverty) is not an ennobling experience.
The authors emphasize inspiration, ennobling of purpose and a higher calling as an essential component of all great teaching strategies and offer tips and advice on how teachers can recapture this enthusiasm and spread it into classroom environments.
That health services are the result of the collective efforts of the many caring individuals who choose to serve their fellow citizens is only the more ennobling. Our commitment as physicians is to serve all in need, not just those who can afford it.
A subsequent 121-page edition reduced the story to its elements, bringing its horrifying but ennobling testimony to the attention of the world.