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n. pl. e·no·kis

[Short for enokitake.]
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(ɛˈnɒk i)

a thin, long-stemmed and tiny-capped edible white mushroom, Flamma velutipes, native to Japan.
[1975–80; < Japanese enoki(-take)=enoki hackberry, Chinese nettle tree + take mushroom]
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FOR THE DEHYDRATED CAULIFLOWER AND ENOKI MUSHROOMS: On a dehydrator tray, lay cauliflower and enoki mushrooms in a single layer.
In fact, Deborah Madison, in "The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone," says she often finds that oyster, as well as enoki, mushrooms usually come out clean enough to not even need a wipe-down.
INGREDIENTS: (SERVES 4) 150g sugar snap peas or shelled peas; 750ml vegetable or chicken stock; 4tbsp white miso paste; 3 spring onions; 125g pak choi; 100g enoki mushrooms; Thai basil (small bunch); 1 lime; light soy sauce METHOD: 1.
Ingredients 150g sugar snap peas or shelled peas 750ml vegetable or chicken stock 4tbsp white miso paste 3 spring onions 125g pak choi 100g enoki mushrooms Thai basil (small bunch) 1 lime light soy sauce Method Boil the sugar snaps or shelled peas for two minutes, then drop them into a bowl of cold water.
The Wagyu Beef Sashimi with Enoki Mushrooms, Ginger and Lapsang Tea Broth was sizzling on the taste buds, with the broth bringing out the flavours of the lightly-seared meat.
Following the transaction, Tajio Enoki, manager of Itochu's medical business team (chemicals division, Energy & Chemicals Company), will join Promethera's board.
Following the transaction, Tajio Enoki, Manager, Medical Business Team, Chemicals Division, Energy and Chemicals Company, Itochu Corp.
This unique dish featured a Enoki Tempura salad with green mango, julienne cut cabbage, carrots with herbs and vegan Nuoc Cham sauce and the result, an amazing combination of new flavours (at least for us).
Three kinds of mushrooms (golden, enoki and brown) are a staple in many Chinese restaurants, and is an especially ideal vegetarian (even vegan) choice.
Some of these factors are: edges (Pereira et al., 2007; Silva et al., 2008), light gradients (Poulsen, 1996; Zachia & Waechter, 2011; Enoki & Abe, 2004; Inacio & Jarenkow, 2008), soil moisture (Zachia & Waechter, 2011; Cardoso & Schiavini, 2002; Enoki & Abe, 2004), soil properties (Beatty, 1984; Roderjan, 1994; Zachia & Waechter, 2011), litter thickness (Beatty, 1984; Poulsen, 1996), temperature (Roderjan, 1994), and also topography (Poulsen & Balslev, 1991; Zachia & Waechter, 2011; Enoki & Abe, 2004; Pereira et al., 2007; Silva et al., 2008).
each shiro and aka miso) Small cluster of trimmed enoki mushrooms*, teased apart, for garnish Put all ingredients except miso and enoki mushrooms in a 6- to 8-qt.