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 (ē′nôl′, ē′nōl′)
An organic compound containing a hydroxyl group bonded to a carbon atom, which in turn is doubly bonded to another carbon atom.

[From -en(e) + -ol.]

e·nol′ic (ē-nŏl′ĭk) adj.
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(Elements & Compounds) any organic compound containing the group -CH:CO-, often existing in chemical equilibrium with the corresponding keto form. See keto-enol tautomerism
[C19: from -ene + -ol1]
eˈnolic adj
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(ˈi nɔl, ˈi nɒl)

an organic compound containing a hydroxyl group attached to a doubly linked carbon atom.
[1935–40; appar. < Greek (h)én one (neuter) + -ol1]
e•nol•ic (iˈnɒl ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.enol - an organic compound that contains a hydroxyl group bonded to a carbon atom which in turn is doubly bonded to another carbon atom
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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The amount of enol at equilibrium depends on temperature.
To illustrate the efficiency of DA, the ensemble open-loop (EnOL) cases and the EnKF cases are compared.
The two NMR resonances at 11.81 and 11.28 ppm disappeared after complexation reaction, indicating that the structure of L1 changed from keto to enol conformation and the O atom from phenolic group has bound to the Zn metal center.
To consider all the possible forms of reacting donor species (Figure 6), we calculated the [DELTA]G of the enol forms 5 and 6, the zwitterionic forms (protonated enolates, 7 and 8), a dimer of protonated tropinone and tropinone enolate (9), and the hydrated zwitterionic forms (10 and 11).
There might be differences in these orders due to forming intermolecular hydrogen bonding and forming acid thiol and enol group because of tautomerism in the ligand.
As shown in Figure 3, dual emission is well resolved in the steady-state measurement of 1, which is composed of a normal emission band (enol form), justified by its mirror image with respect to the lowest lying absorption, and a large Stokes shifted (5834 [cm.sup.-1]) emission band maximized at 457 and 574 nm, respectively.
Exemplo particularmente interessante da utilizacao de aminais e N,O-acetais sao as sinteses regio- e diastereosseletiva de [beta]-aminocetonas mediante a aminometilacao de silil enol eteres e enolatos (Esquema 25) [30].
Depending on the actual (and presently unknown) pathway the reaction will require either a hydrogenation of carbonyl intermediates (second step of the top pathway--analogous to the pathway in Figure 2) or enol ethers (bottom pathway) and in either case a hydrogenolysis of a secondary carbon-oxygen bond (first or second step in the top or bottom pathway, respectively).
After a quiet first half, the game exploded into life in the 51st minute when Enol a Aluko scored the opening goal for the visitors.
Messages was our second hit single and that was followed in May of 1980 by Enol a Gay which went on to sell five million copies.
A good trip from Cofino takes you to two exquisite mountain lakes - Enol and Ercina, which can get mighty crowded at weekends but afford bracing walks and great views.