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a. Very great in size, extent, or amount.
b. Very great in scope or import: enormous influence.
2. Archaic Very wicked; heinous.

[From Latin ēnormis, unusual, huge, monstrous : ē-, ex-, ex- + norma, norm; see gnō- in Indo-European roots. Sense 2, from Middle English enormious, from Latin ēnormis.]

e·nor′mous·ly adv.
e·nor′mous·ness n.
Synonyms: enormous, immense, huge, gigantic, colossal, mammoth, tremendous, gargantuan, vast
These adjectives describe what is extraordinarily large. Enormous suggests a marked excess beyond the norm in size, amount, or degree: an enormous boulder.
Immense refers to boundless or immeasurable size or extent: an immense sky.
Huge especially implies greatness of size or capacity: a huge tanker.
Gigantic refers to size likened to that of a giant: a gigantic redwood tree.
Colossal suggests a hugeness that elicits awe or taxes belief: a valley ringed by colossal mountains.
Mammoth is applied to something of unwieldy hugeness: "mammoth stone figures in ... buckled eighteenth-century pumps, the very soles of which seem mountainously tall" (Cynthia Ozick).
Tremendous suggests awe-inspiring or fearsome size: a tremendous waterfall.
Gargantuan stresses greatness of size or capacity and often suggests extravagance or excess: "Dense schools of menhaden ... slurp up enormous quantities of plankton and detritus like gargantuan vacuum cleaners" (H. Bruce Franklin).
Vast refers to greatness of extent, size, area, or scope, and is often applied to what inspires a sense of grandeur or awe: "Another vast mountain of darkness rose, towering up like a wave that should engulf the world" (J.R.R. Tolkien).
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Noun1.enormousness - unusual largeness in size or extent or number
bigness, largeness - the property of having a relatively great size
enormity - vastness of size or extent; "in careful usage the noun enormity is not used to express the idea of great size"; "universities recognized the enormity of their task"
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(iˈnoːməs) adjective
very large. The new building is enormous; We had an enormous lunch.
eˈnormousness noun
eˈnormity noun
1. great wickedness.
2. hugeness.
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Assuming the blubber to be the skin of the whale; then, when this skin, as in the case of a very large Sperm Whale, will yield the bulk of one hundred barrels of oil; and, when it is considered that, in quantity, or rather weight, that oil, in its expressed state, is only three fourths, and not the entire substance of the coat; some idea may hence be had of the enormousness of that animated mass, a mere part of whose mere integument yields such a lake of liquid as that.
Secondly: People ashore have indeed some indefinite idea that a whale is an enormous creature of enormous power; but I have ever found that when narrating to them some specific example of this two-fold enormousness, they have significantly complimented me upon my facetiousness; when, I declare upon my soul, I had no more idea of being facetious than Moses, when he wrote the history of the plagues of Egypt.
He had not realized the enormousness of the task of putting a fellow-man out of the world.
Now only big parties will be able to contest elections of Tehsils due to the enormousness of this electoral process,' he said.
These are the poets who had, in their time, the greatest depth and sensed most keenly the enormousness of the challenge to manage, in Baudrillard's words, "a coherent representation of the world." Stevie Smith followed close behind.
The enormousness at which hydropower has in the generation of electricity is huge and needs special attention for planners and policy makers [28].
The jet remains a go-to synonym for aerial enormousness, one that a 'Game of Thrones' director recently deployed to suggest the dimensions of a dragon.
The expanding enormousness of television and the pots of money being poured into it have created a new climate of possibility: The defining feature of the medium today is perhaps not its oft-stated epochal greatness but the room it has to just get weird.
Brandishing a 15-centimeter-thick file on government and police personnel allegedly involved in the narcotics trade, President Duterte on Monday night expressed frustration in a meeting with 10 senators and leaders of the House of Representatives at the enormousness of the drug menace besetting the country that even the declaration of martial law would not solve.
He added that some human rights organisations have issued reports against Bahrain, but they do not realize the enormousness challenges faced by Bahrain, including sectarian and ethnic diversity.
Our contemporary colleges simply cannot meet the enormousness of this promise.
Like the ocean waves repeatedly referenced in Christov-Bakargiev's texts, series can hint at enormousness while delivering succinct individual moments that register on a human scale.