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tr.v. e·nounced, e·nounc·ing, e·nounc·es
1. To declare formally; state.
2. To pronounce clearly; enunciate.

[From French énoncer, from Latin ēnūntiāre, to speak out; see enunciate.]

e·nounce′ment n.
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Just before dying, she utters a final enouncement that is revelatory of all her transition: she had dreamt the night before that her mother was hugging her not as Einar, but as Lili.
The Barbian enouncement also resonates with the Mallarmean reflections on the "world as a book:"
If we think of Barere's afore-mentioned enouncement, we can say that this thought is not that new: it was evident already for the French Revolutionaries that the requirement of participation in the republican decision-making process assumed linguistic homogeneity.