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Is it not enow to make a man's heart dance to see this noble Company, such valiant men-at-arms, such lusty archers?
"And now, my dearest, you have come far enow. May the Virgin guard and prosper thee!
"Well enow. Th' carriage is waitin' outside for thee."
An' haven't you got Methodists enow at Treddles'on to go and look at, if church-folks's faces are too handsome to please you?
I told you there was folks enow t' help i' this parish, wi'out going further off.
"Good friend Tepus," said he, "I want not those harts of Dallen Lea that yon stout judge spoke of but now, for in truth we have enow and more than enow in our own country.
The solar-powered electric trike combines the all-terrain features developed for the Icon Explore wheelchair with the eNow solar panel trailer to provide an intracity package delivery solution with broad applications for large, congested urban areas.
Renewable energy solutions provider eNow has closed on USD2.36 million in Series A funding, bringing the total amount raised to date to USD5.3 million, the company said.
Two massy keys he bore of metals twain, (The golden opes, the iron shuts amain,) He shook his mitred locks, and stem bespake, How well could I have spared for thee, young swain, Enow of such as for their bellies' sake Creep, and intrude, and climb into the fold!
with the express provision and request--that you will only read it to a few of us, and do not on any account give, or permit to be taken, any copy....--If I could be of service to Dr M'gill, I would do it though it should be at a much greater expence than irritating a few Bigoted priests; but as I am afraid, serving him in his present embarrass is a task too hard for me, I have enemies enow, God knows, tho' I do not wantonly add to the number (Tetters, I: 43 3-34) Robert Aiken, Hamilton's defender, seems to have solicited Burns's aid on M'Gill's behalf, for in an undated August letter, Burns responded less hopefully: 'Whether in the way of my trade, I can be of any service to the Rev.
Les joueuses de l'entraineur Enow Ngachu, 3es lors du CAN-2010 en Afrique du Sud, compteront sur leur force pour faire la difference et faire plier des Algeriennes pleines d'ambitions.