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Adv.1.enquiringly - in an inquiring manner; "Tom Swift looked at his cabin mates inquiringly"
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The warrior whose gun I had struck up looked enquiringly at Tars Tarkas, but the latter signed that I be left to my own devices, and so we returned to the plaza with my great beast following close at heel, and Sola grasping me tightly by the arm.
'There's something else, too,' she murmurs, dropping her chin as I look at her enquiringly. 'Something I've been wanting to do for ages.' I feel heat in my cheeks, in my chest, along my arms.
Ammi and me looked at each other enquiringly, alarmed.
She pulled out the bud from one of her ears and looked at me enquiringly.
Faulds, at your service.' He cocked his head enquiringly, and Nick, not liking any of this, got to his feet, glad of the sword belted round his hips.