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tr.v. en·raged, en·rag·ing, en·rag·es
To put into a rage; infuriate.

[Middle English *enragen, from Old French enrager : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + rage, rage; see rage.]

en·rage′ment n.
en·rag′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.enragement - a feeling of intense anger
anger, ire, choler - a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance
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A collection of stories opening upon the inner world with the abandon and gravity involved in personal and collective responsibility, the book responds to the present age of enragement, and the collapsing binary of two hungers: violence and forgiveness.
(4) The image of the earth in Kampan's verse is interlinked to the rightful anger of Sita, whose enragement would trigger the annihilation of the "universe." (5) As Shulman portrays, the militant earth-to-goddess connection in Kampan's text is not explicated in Valmiki's (6) classical version of the Ramaya[??]a where Sita's rhetorical response to Rama's wrongful accusation is devoid of Agni's zealous personified intervention.
It is the dire responsibility of the government as well as the leaders to ensure transparent compliance procedure at every place and should provide all basic amenities to the people that will synonymously play a vital role in reducing the existing wave of aggravation and enragement in the society as well as youth, he added.
SOAPS - P14-17 Chesney's engagement enragement, plus our day-by-day soap planner.
Stone discovers that one of the recent arrivals, a teenage girl, is still alive; a trifling concern to the disease-ridden corpse valets, much to the enragement of Stone.
However, if the question appears to be for testing teachers academic level, his enragement is justified.7