enriched air

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en·riched air

See nitrox.
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The system uses the wind direction information to turn on only those pipes upwind of the plots, so that C[O.sub.2] enriched air flows across the plots, no matter which way the wind blows.
Kim, "Effects of split injection, oxygen enriched air and heavy EGR on soot emissions in a diesel engine," International Journal of Automotive Technology, vol.
The tubes from C[O.sub.2]-free air, 5-10% C[O.sub.2] enriched air, and air-tight tubes were withdrawn every 10 minutes without replacement and examined for germ tube formation.
Her prize will include the following: welcome drink, a picnic lunch or barbeque on an island, 2 Tank Nitrox Enriched Air), diving gear & weights, use of pools, gym, water sports equipment and other items exclusive for guests.
Patient of HVS is treated by termination of the procedures, giving upright position, reassuring him and by breathing Carbon di oxide enriched air. It is advisable to give intramuscular Valium 10mg or intravenous Dormicum 5mg and monitor vital signs.
Second, the enriched air seemed to cause the green scum, not the other way around.
The "vitalising zone" is all about wellbeing and relaxation allowing you to recharge your batteries with vitamin and antioxidant enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments while taking in the infinite view of the world around you.
Anaesthesia was maintained with desflurane in oxygen enriched air, with a small dose of fentanyl (50 [micro]g).
The patient was hypoxemic while breathing room air (percent arterial oxygen saturation 70); with oxygen enriched air the percent arterial oxygen saturation raised to 80%.