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also en·rol  (ĕn-rōl′)
v. en·rolled, en·roll·ing, en·rolls also en·rols
1. To enter or register in a roll, list, or record: enrolled the child in kindergarten; enroll the minutes of the meeting.
2. To roll or wrap up.
3. To write or print a final copy of; engross.
To place one's name on a roll or register; sign up: We enrolled in the army.

[Middle English enrollen, from Old French enroller : en-, in; see en-1 + rolle, roll (from Latin rotula, little wheel; see roll).]

en·roll·ee′ n.


or en•rol


v. -rolled, -roll•ing or -rol•ling. v.t.
1. to write the name of (a person) in a roll or register; register.
2. to make officially a member of a group.
3. to enlist (oneself).
4. to put in a record; record.
5. to roll or wrap up.
6. to enroll oneself or become enrolled: to enroll in college.
[1300–50; Middle English < Old French enroller]
en•roll•ee′, n.
en•roll′er, n.


Past participle: enrolled
Gerund: enrolling

I enroll
you enroll
he/she/it enrolls
we enroll
you enroll
they enroll
I enrolled
you enrolled
he/she/it enrolled
we enrolled
you enrolled
they enrolled
Present Continuous
I am enrolling
you are enrolling
he/she/it is enrolling
we are enrolling
you are enrolling
they are enrolling
Present Perfect
I have enrolled
you have enrolled
he/she/it has enrolled
we have enrolled
you have enrolled
they have enrolled
Past Continuous
I was enrolling
you were enrolling
he/she/it was enrolling
we were enrolling
you were enrolling
they were enrolling
Past Perfect
I had enrolled
you had enrolled
he/she/it had enrolled
we had enrolled
you had enrolled
they had enrolled
I will enroll
you will enroll
he/she/it will enroll
we will enroll
you will enroll
they will enroll
Future Perfect
I will have enrolled
you will have enrolled
he/she/it will have enrolled
we will have enrolled
you will have enrolled
they will have enrolled
Future Continuous
I will be enrolling
you will be enrolling
he/she/it will be enrolling
we will be enrolling
you will be enrolling
they will be enrolling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been enrolling
you have been enrolling
he/she/it has been enrolling
we have been enrolling
you have been enrolling
they have been enrolling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been enrolling
you will have been enrolling
he/she/it will have been enrolling
we will have been enrolling
you will have been enrolling
they will have been enrolling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been enrolling
you had been enrolling
he/she/it had been enrolling
we had been enrolling
you had been enrolling
they had been enrolling
I would enroll
you would enroll
he/she/it would enroll
we would enroll
you would enroll
they would enroll
Past Conditional
I would have enrolled
you would have enrolled
he/she/it would have enrolled
we would have enrolled
you would have enrolled
they would have enrolled
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.enroll - register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
muster in, draft, enlist - engage somebody to enter the army
unionise, unionize - recruit for a union or organize into a union; "We don't allow people to come into our plant and try to unionize the workers"
register - enroll to vote; "register for an election"
matriculate - enroll as a student
register - record in writing; enter into a book of names or events or transactions


1. To register in or as if in a book:
2. To become a member of:
Informal: sign on.


(inˈrəul) (American) enroll – past tense, past participle enˈrolled verb
to add (someone), or have oneself added, to a list (as a pupil at a school, a member of a club etc). Can we enrol for this class?; You must enrol your child before the start of the school term.
enˈrolment noun
enrolment is spelt with one -l-.
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Under Notice 2015-37, an individual who may enroll in a Children's Health Insurance buy-in program (CHIP) that has been recognized as minimum essential coverage by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be treated as eligible for minimum essential coverage under the program, and therefore ineligible for a premium tax credit, only for the period the individual is enrolled.
Twenty-six percent didn't enroll in higher education at all.
In 2009, crop farmers in Iowa and other states faced the decision of whether to continue with the existing Direct and Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) offered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or to enroll in a new program called Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE).
Last year, Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools recommended students with two Fs in algebra the first semester to enroll in credit recovery and algebra simultaneously.
This study takes a different view by identifying the courses in which students enroll and successfully complete on a semester-by-semester basis.
The stock exchanges and the GAO did not establish practice monitoring programs to perform and administer peer reviews; rather, they expect auditors to enroll in an established program, such as an AICPA program.
those eighth graders who were presently enrolled in the school district and assigned to enroll in the high school in the fall) actually got on the bus (i.
Finally, another recent DOE report, "Empty Promises: The Myth of College Access in America," argues that almost 170,000 strongly qualified high school graduates from low- and moderate-income families will not enroll in college this year due to high costs.
How can a woman enroll in an adjunct study of silicone gel-filled implants?
Research indicates that seniors did not enroll in HMOs because they enjoy having their choice of doctor limited or because HMOs are known to offer superior or even equivalent health care.
Under the law, taxpayers with more than $50,000 of Federal employment tax deposits in 1995 were required to enroll in EFTPS and make deposits electronically by July 1, 1997.