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also en·rol·ment  (ĕn-rōl′mənt)
a. The act or process of enrolling.
b. The state of being enrolled.
2. The number enrolled: The class has an enrollment of 27 students.
3. A record or an entry.
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or en•rol•ment

(ɛnˈroʊl mənt)

1. the act or process of enrolling.
2. the state of being enrolled.
3. the number of persons enrolled, as for a course or in a school.
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Noun1.enrollment - the act of enrollingenrollment - the act of enrolling      
incoming, ingress, entering, entrance, entry - the act of entering; "she made a grand entrance"
2.enrollment - the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time
body - a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity; "the whole body filed out of the auditorium"; "the student body"; "administrative body"
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počet zapsanýchpřihlášeníregistracezápiszapsaní


n (insurance, etc.) inscripción f
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In 1806 the old prince was made one of the eight commanders in chief then appointed to supervise the enrollment decreed throughout Russia.
You now have all the inputs to making a good decision about an enrollment strategy.
Declines in private coverage were offset by increases in enrollment in the three public programs.
Both schools remain behind Portland State University in student numbers, but all three schools set individual enrollment records.
According to the Economic Survey released here on Monday, the enrollment was estimated to increase further by 6.4 percent from 12,273.1 thousand to 13,063.3 thousand in 2018-19.
4-10) of open enrollment, the total for the 2019 coverage year stands at nearly 1.18 million for the 39 states that use the Healthcare.gov platform, which is down 20.4% from the 1.48 million plans selected through the first 2 weeks of last year's enrollment period.
Browne's Administration has seen huge decline in enrollment at the University especially at its Suakoko campus, one of several reason behind attacks against his administration by faculty and students.
Speakers delivered their speeches and highlighted the importance of Sindh Enrollment and Retention Drive Phase-1 and said it was launched on 30th April, 2018 at provincial, regional and district level.
However, another key part of this education and communication process is often overlooked until just before open enrollment, when it's often too late.
On the other hand, these challenges are also the main factors that impede the enrollment of children in schools all over the world.
31, during an annual open enrollment period, or show they qualify for a special enrollment period.