tr.v. en·serfed, en·serf·ing, en·serfs
To make into or as if into a serf.


vb (tr)
to make into, or treat like, a slave



to make a serf of; place in bondage.
en•serf′ment, n.
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The collectivities of the population did not line up in satisfying ways: Russians were not all Orthodox, even though they were supposed to be; the Caucasus was populated with many ethnic groups, including Russians, not neatly settled in separate spaces; Georgian nobles were more than willing to enserf Russian peasants; heretic and pacifist exiles made their fortunes by assisting the military in its wars against mostly Muslim enemies.
Thus American taxpayers have ended up with the same burden that lies heavily on Third World countries: a huge debt, contracted by an oligarchic government that enserfs them to outsiders.