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tr.v. en·siled, en·sil·ing, en·siles
To store (fodder) in a silo for preservation.

[French ensiler, from Spanish ensilar : en-, in (from Latin in-); see en-1 + silo, silo.]


(ɛnˈsaɪl; ˈɛnsaɪl)
vb (tr)
1. (Agriculture) to store and preserve (green fodder) in an enclosed pit or silo
2. (Agriculture) to turn (green fodder) into silage by causing it to ferment in a closed pit or silo
[C19: from French ensiler, from Spanish ensilar, from en-1 + silo silo]
enˌsilaˈbility n


(ɛnˈsaɪl, ˈɛn saɪl)

v.t. -siled, -sil•ing.
to preserve (green fodder) in a silo.
[1880–85; < French ensiler < Sp ensilar=en- en-1 + -silar, v. derivative of silo silo]
en•si`la•bil′i•ty, n.


Past participle: ensiled
Gerund: ensiling

I ensile
you ensile
he/she/it ensiles
we ensile
you ensile
they ensile
I ensiled
you ensiled
he/she/it ensiled
we ensiled
you ensiled
they ensiled
Present Continuous
I am ensiling
you are ensiling
he/she/it is ensiling
we are ensiling
you are ensiling
they are ensiling
Present Perfect
I have ensiled
you have ensiled
he/she/it has ensiled
we have ensiled
you have ensiled
they have ensiled
Past Continuous
I was ensiling
you were ensiling
he/she/it was ensiling
we were ensiling
you were ensiling
they were ensiling
Past Perfect
I had ensiled
you had ensiled
he/she/it had ensiled
we had ensiled
you had ensiled
they had ensiled
I will ensile
you will ensile
he/she/it will ensile
we will ensile
you will ensile
they will ensile
Future Perfect
I will have ensiled
you will have ensiled
he/she/it will have ensiled
we will have ensiled
you will have ensiled
they will have ensiled
Future Continuous
I will be ensiling
you will be ensiling
he/she/it will be ensiling
we will be ensiling
you will be ensiling
they will be ensiling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ensiling
you have been ensiling
he/she/it has been ensiling
we have been ensiling
you have been ensiling
they have been ensiling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ensiling
you will have been ensiling
he/she/it will have been ensiling
we will have been ensiling
you will have been ensiling
they will have been ensiling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ensiling
you had been ensiling
he/she/it had been ensiling
we had been ensiling
you had been ensiling
they had been ensiling
I would ensile
you would ensile
he/she/it would ensile
we would ensile
you would ensile
they would ensile
Past Conditional
I would have ensiled
you would have ensiled
he/she/it would have ensiled
we would have ensiled
you would have ensiled
they would have ensiled
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Verb1.ensile - store in a silo; "ensile fodder for the cows"
store - find a place for and put away for storage; "where should we stow the vegetables?"; "I couldn't store all the books in the attic so I sold some"
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The effects of incorporating sugar beet pulp with forage maize at ensiling on silage fermentation and effluent output using drum silos.
The Dairy Development Centre, Gelli Aur, in association with Iger, are monitoring the DMD value, crude protein, nitrate per cent and soluble sugar content of grass prior to ensiling.
In traditional silage systems, ensiling crops with less than 300 to 350 g [kg.sup.-1] moisture resulted in mold and heating because of difficulties in air exclusion (Gordon et al., 1961), while more than 700 g [kg.sup.-1] moisture resulted in more effluent, growth of clostridia, and lower voluntary intake (Gordon et al., 1959; Moore et al., 1960; McDonald et al., 1991).
Center scientists are investigating ways to preserve protein during ensiling and improve nitrogen use by the dairy cow.
Fresh corn stover has good ensiling characteristics due to its relatively high DM content at harvest, low buffering capacity, and adequate water-soluble carbohydrate (WSC) content [4,5].
Maize cobs give starch value to the feed while the wet stem is needed for water and sugars which aids fermentation," he points out.Opinya says crops such as maize, sorghum, oats and pearl millet are suitable for ensiling because they contain fermentable carbohydrates (sugar) necessary for bacteria to produce sufficient organic acid that acts as a preservative.
At the end of the ensiling period, three bales of each treatment group were opened, chemical and microbiological analyses were made.
Through the visual method, during ensiling, it was observed that the color of the residual mass changed with the addition of the mixture of formic and propionic acids, passing from the slightly pinkish color, typical of the fresh fish, to light gray.
"Despite their bales being left in the field from ensiling time to feeding time, the silage quality, both in terms of nutritional and preservation quality, was excellent."
Forage conservation methods such as ensiling and haymaking allow a more reliable supply of quality feed when forage production is low or dormant (MUCK & SHINNERS, 2001).
The win-ning silage had been wilted for 24 hours prior to ensiling at a dry matter of 27.8%.
After ensiling, NPN may account for as much as 80% of TN (Papadopoulos and McKersie, 1983; Albrecht and Muck, 1991).