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(ĕn-snâr′) also in·snare (ĭn-)
tr.v. en·snared, en·snar·ing, en·snares also in·snared or in·snar·ing or in·snares
To take or catch in or as if in a snare; trap. See Synonyms at catch.

en·snare′ment n.
en·snar′er n.
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The condition of being entangled or implicated:
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It is not as if the central government is laying an ensnarement through a sudden closure of the axis marked for the construction, it has, through the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, for a while, put out a notice in a conspicuous part of the road, announcing the coming partial shutdown.
However nations felt their complex ensnarement was too costly to unravel.
Thus, as she winds her way through the streets of Naples in a last farewell and spirals down, literally, from the city's northern end to the southern one in one last attempt to defy the sense of violation, exclusion, and anguish that accompanies her in her quest to become an insider, Elena shows that she has yet to overcome the ensnarement of the labyrinth of the self, master the exploration of her desires, and come to terms with who she is.
In stunted, less dense Spartina such as that at Wakulla Beach, attaching shorter legs to the trap to adjust for the reduced canopy height and wetting the trap base, together act as another means of ensnarement. Capturing Strepsiptera in this manner tended to ruin their remarkable wings, but did assist in obtaining larger numbers of live Strepsiptera at Wakulla Beach, particularly on the 2 mornings with the greatest live catch counts: 63 on 17 Sep 2013, and 57 on 22 Sep 2013 (57 and 51 caught live at known times, respectively).
Fr Casey added: "This spiral of violence, revenge, retaliation and the ensnarement of many in this web of what can only be described as evil has led to the destruction of the most precious gift - that of life itself and our call to be human.
My recent work, in collaboration with fellow UK academics Mike Molesworth and Janice Denegri-Knott, argues that the longevity of many social media platforms can be attributed to what we term "consumer ensnarement".
Moreover, a police quota, as opposed to racial profiling, but sometimes in concert with it, can be the prelude to minorities' ensnarement in the legal system (a la Ferguson) or the beginning of a fatal police interaction.
This ensnarement is evidenced in pieces such as "Circle the Wagons" and "It Crosses My Mind." Tongue partly in cheek, Dumont feels "compelled to incorporate something circular into the text, plot or narrative structure because if it's linear then that proves that I'm a ghost and that native culture really has vanished and what is all this fuss about appropriation anyway?" Clearly, the quandary hits close to the bone.
In Heideggerian terms, the ontic ensnarement into the realm of the sensible and self-evident only masked the empty iterations of truth that only became hardened into Law through the retroactive or supplementary work of laws, archives and other truth-enhancing evidence.