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A glassy, usually yellowish gray variety of orthopyroxene having a magnesium silicate base, mainly MgSiO3, usually found embedded in igneous rocks and meteorites.

[Greek enstatēs, adversary (because of its refractory quality) : en-, in, at, near; see en-2 + -statēs, one that stands; see stā- in Indo-European roots + -ite.]
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(Minerals) a grey, green, yellow, or brown pyroxene mineral consisting of magnesium silicate in orthorhombic crystalline form. Formula: Mg2Si2O6
[C19: from Greek enstatēs adversary (referring to its refractory quality) + -ite1]
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(ˈɛn stəˌtaɪt)

a yellow-green fibrous mineral, magnesium silicate, MgSiO3, a pyroxene found in magnesium-rich rocks.
[1855–60; < Greek enstát(ēs) adversary]
en`sta•tit′ic (-ˈtɪt ɪk) adj.
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The studied volcanic outcrops are constituted by lamproites composed by forsteritic olivine, Ti phlogopite, diopside, enstatite, richterite with Ti and K, leucite, and Fe-rich sanidine.
The thick clouds on this particular brown dwarf are mostly made of mineral dust, like enstatite and corundum," Federico Marocco, who led the research team from the University of Hertfordshire, said.
The Chah Pazhan metagabbro contains medium-grained clinopyroxene (e.g., augite, hedenbergite, andpigeonite), plagioclasefeldspar, andorthopyroxenes(e.g., enstatite).
The primary minerals include orthopyroxene (enstatite and bronzite) and olivine, with spinel as an accessory.
High-temperature heat capacities and derived thermodynamic properties of anthophyllite, diopside, dolomite, enstatite, bronzite, talc, tremolite, and wollastonite.
However, the LPO texture dominated by the (100) plane reported could have been produced by the phase transformation process to PPv from ([Mg.sub.0.9][Fe.sub.0.1])Si[O.sub.3] enstatite. (13,14) The previous theoretical studies (19,20) based on one-dimensional Peierls-Nabarro modelling suggest that the textures are dominated by the [001](010) slip system.
This composition is similar to that expected from partial melts of enstatite chondrites, a rare type of meteorite that formed at high temperatures in highly reducing (low oxygen) conditions in the inner solar system.
Data suggest that the body is what's known as an enstatite chondrite--a rare form of asteroid that makes up around 2 percent of the meteorites that have fallen to Earth.
In fact, the unusual endothermic peak at 800 [degrees]C is associated with the thermal stability on vermiculite which is characteristic of this mineral as well this signal could be assigned to the formation of a new enstatite crystalline phase, which has been reported previously (Perez
Electric or rotary melting generates less complex slag with the predominant film type being magnesium silicate inclusions (enstatite and forsterite) (Fig.2).
At higher metamorphic grades, metamorphosed komattites contain anthophyllite, enstatite, olivine and diopside.