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 (ĕn-tāl′, ĭn-)
tr.v. en·tailed, en·tail·ing, en·tails
1. To have, impose, or require as a necessary accompaniment or consequence: The investment entailed a high risk. The proposition X is a rose entails the proposition X is a flower because all roses are flowers.
2. To limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs.
3. To bestow or impose on a person or a specified succession of heirs.
a. The act of entailing, especially property.
b. The state of being entailed.
2. An entailed estate.
3. A predetermined order of succession, as to an estate or to an office.
4. Something transmitted as if by unalterable inheritance.

[Middle English entaillen, to limit inheritance to specific heirs : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + taille, tail; see tail2.]

en·tail′ment n.
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1. (Logic) the act of entailing or the condition of being entailed
2. (Philosophy) philosophy logic
a. a relationship between propositions such that one must be true if the others are
b. a proposition whose truth depends on such a relationship. Usual symbol: See fish-hook2
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1. the process of limiting an inheritance to a specific sequence of heirs, usually applied to large estates.
2. the estate entailed.
See also: Property and Ownership
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Noun1.entailment - something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied); "his resignation had political implications"
illation, inference - the reasoning involved in drawing a conclusion or making a logical judgment on the basis of circumstantial evidence and prior conclusions rather than on the basis of direct observation
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Entailment deals with the relationship between two interlinked statements, where the truth of one statement depends upon the truth of the other(Yule, 1996a).
RFT posits that three properties define relational framing: mutual entailment, combinatorial entailment, and transformation of stimulus function (Hayes et al., 2001).
It is philosophically significant because in a number of debates about inter-level relationships, there are prima facie plausible positions that presuppose that there is no such entailment: standard versions of nonreductive physicalism and of normative nonnaturalism accept global supervenience while rejecting reductionism.
LAHORE -- The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a review petition challenging Section 202 of the Election Act 2017 which made the political parties bound to submit Rs 200,000 as entailment fee for their eligibility to take part in the election.
entailment of elements into one another does not stop with breach.
It's the logical entailment of seeking a region without weapons of mass destruction.
Thus, the argument that "Islamic doctrine is perfect" is tautological, on the logical model of the analytical (as distinct from synthetic) statement: "Islamic doctrine" entails "is perfect." The counter-argument this attracts is that Islamic doctrine is outdated, and that compromises its "perfect" entailment, and ipso facto destroys this putative analytical statement's truth value.
The basic idea is that, whereas (8b) is not a conceptual or semantic entailment of (8), (8a) is.
This reasoning is usually called entailment. Entailment rules state which implicit information can be inferred from explicit information.