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She felt she would love to see somebody entangle their fingers in the oily beard of the fat foreigner who owned the establishment.
With the strength of desperation he clung to the cordage, seeking frantically to entangle his legs and body in it.
There was a circumstance which at first sight seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme.
Two nodes send each an entangled photon over a distance of 50 kilometers to an intersection where the light particles are measured in such a way that they lose their entanglement with the ions, which in turn would entangle them.
The study reports the configuration of a fish-eye lens enables it to guide single photons in such a way as to entangle pairs of atoms, even over relatively long distances.
James, who was second to Jonjo O'Neill in the 1972-73 junior jockeys' title, also buys horses for longstanding friends and clients and this week at Tattersalls he had his judgement vindicated when Entangle, a filly he bought on behalf of Norwegian trainer Arnfinn Lund for buttons, was sold as a broodmare prospect to Kern/Lillingston for 120,000gns after winning 14 stakes races in Scandinavia.