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v. i.1.To attend to; to apply one's self to.
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This was greeted with an irreverent laugh, and the youth blushed deeply, and tried to look as if he had meant to insinuate what knowing people called a "double entendre.
They make a vast parade of measures; but, not unfrequently, these are so ill adapted to the objects proposed, as to put us in mind of Monsieur Jourdain's calling for his robe-de-chambre - pour mieux entendre la musique.
Il a laisse entendre qu'il est toujours favorable a une gestion collegiale du parti.
As I stood there looking at the sign and laughing at the priceless double entendre, I realized that while double messages are often not the best form of communication, this might be one case where both the content and the sentiment have combined to produce a pretty much perfect result.
raised a rare argument for registrability: that its mark created a double entendre--a suspect strategy in itself, as the very meaning of double entendre is something Do Something might have preferred it not be--that is, a sexual connotation
And now, back with their first show in about two years, it's possible to hear such songs as the bombastic "Bellavoda (AK-47)'' to the single entendre of "Party in My Pants.
But double entendre street names like Hoare Road are to be banned by a Welsh council which insists they are "aesthetically unsuitable" and a pain for residents.
Selon de sources citees par le quotidien Achourouk, le doyen des juges d'instruction au tribunal de premiere instance de Tunis 2, entendre plusieurs personnalites, dans le cadre de l'affaire Kamel Ltaief, et ce au cours de la periode entre le 6 et 20 janvier prochain.
Woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre, so the barman gives her one.
Gok Wan insists he has two toothbrushes - one for the top teeth and "one for the bottom" (yes, that double entendre is jumped upon).
Jean-Pierre Raffarin (UMP), interroge hier dimanche sur le dossier judiciaire Tapie/Credit lyonnais, a denonce "une campagne orchestree" contre Nicolas Sarkozy, laissant entendre que la justice etait instrumentalisee par le camp socialiste.