enter into

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v. en·tered, en·ter·ing, en·ters
1. To come or go into: The train entered the tunnel.
2. To penetrate; pierce: The bullet entered the victim's skull.
3. To introduce; insert: She entered the probe into the patient's artery.
a. To become a participant, member, or part of; join: too old to enter the army; entered the discussion at a crucial moment.
b. To gain admission to (a school, for example).
5. To cause to become a participant, member, or part of; enroll: entered the children in private school; entered dahlias in a flower show.
6. To embark on; begin: With Sputnik, the Soviet Union entered the space age.
7. To make a beginning in; take up: entered medicine.
8. To write or put in: entered our names in the guest book; enters the data into the computer.
9. To place formally on record; submit: enter a plea of not guilty; enter a complaint.
10. To go to or occupy in order to claim possession of (land).
11. To report (a ship or cargo) to customs.
1. To come or go in; make an entry: As the president entered, the band played "Hail to the Chief."
2. To effect penetration.
3. To become a member or participant.
A key on a keyboard or keypad used to enter or confirm a command or other textual input.
Phrasal Verbs:
enter into
1. To participate in; take an active role or interest in: enter into politics; enter into negotiations.
2. To become party to (a contract): The nations entered into a trade agreement.
3. To become a component of; form a part of: Financial matters entered into the discussion.
4. To consider; investigate: The report entered into the effect of high interest rates on the market.
enter on (or upon)
1. To set out on; begin: We enter on a new era in our history.
2. To begin considering; take up: After discussing the budget deficit, they entered on the problem of raising taxes.
3. To take possession of: She entered upon the estate of her uncle.

[Middle English entren, from Old French entrer, from Latin intrāre, from intrā, inside; see en in Indo-European roots.]

en′ter·a·ble adj.

enter into

vb (intr, preposition)
1. to be considered as a necessary part of (one's plans, calculations, etc)
2. to be in sympathy with: he enters into his patient's problems.
يَدْخُل في جَدَليَدْخُلُ في، يَشْتَرِكيَكونُ جُزءًيَنْدَمِج في
indgåkomme ikomme ind i
blandast inn íbyrja á aî ræîaganga inn ítaka òátt í, ganga inn í
byť súčasťoupúšťať sazapojiť sa
başlamakgirişmekgirmekrolü olmakşevkle katılmak

w>enter into

vi +prep obj
relations, negotiations, discussionsaufnehmen; contract, allianceschließen, eingehen; to enter into conversation with somebodyein Gespräch mit jdm anknüpfen; to enter into correspondence with somebodymit jdm in Briefwechsel treten ? spirit
(= figure in)eine Rolle spielen bei


(ˈentə) verb
1. to go or come in. Enter by this door.
2. to come or go into (a place). He entered the room.
3. to give the name of (another person or oneself) for a competition etc. He entered for the race; I entered my pupils for the examination.
4. to write (one's name etc) in a book etc. Did you enter your name in the visitors' book?
5. to start in. She entered his employment last week.
enter into
1. to take part in. He entered into an agreement with the film director.
2. to take part enthusiastically in. They entered into the Christmas spirit.
3. to begin to discuss. We cannot enter into the question of salaries yet.
4. to be a part of. The price did not enter into the discussion.
enter on/upon
to begin. We have entered upon the new term.

to enter (not enter into) a room.
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The pledge agreements obligated the taxpayer to enter into share-lending agreements with the counterparty with respect to the pledged stock.
In other business, the board also passed four resolutions to enter into agreements with agencies to begin capital improvement projects that are a part of Gov.
59) That one of the contracts would not have been entered into but for the "expectation" that the parties would enter into the otehr contract, however, is not considered conclusive evidence that the two contracts should be aggregated.
In connection with the offering of the notes, the Company also expects to enter into convertible note hedge transactions with certain dealers.
04, a foreign insurer or reinsurer that wishes to enter into a closing agreement must submit all of the following documentation:
Therefore Jacobson did not enter into the contract in reliance upon Cherney's alleged misrepresentation that a closing would occur in December.
If the initial purchasers exercise their option to purchase additional notes to cover over-allotments, Forest City will use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the additional notes to enter into an additional puttable note hedge transaction and may use a portion of the net proceeds to enter into an additional warrant transaction.
Also, every partner has the right to file a statement with the Service declaring that the TMP does not have the authority to enter into a settlement agreement on his behalf.
In connection with establishing their initial hedges of the convertible note hedge and warrant transactions, AmeriCredit has been advised that the counterparties to such transactions or their respective affiliates expect to enter into various derivative transactions with respect to AmeriCredit's common stock and/or purchase AmeriCredit's common stock in secondary market transactions concurrently with, or shortly after, the pricing of the notes, and may enter into various derivative transactions with respect to AmeriCredit's common stock and/or purchase or sell AmeriCredit's common stock in secondary market transactions following pricing of the notes.