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n. enteroclisis;
irrigación del colon;
enema intenso.
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7,8 Despite the improved results of various diagnostic modalities such as CT enteroclysis, double-balloon enteroscopy or video capsule endoscopy, SBA is frequently diagnosed per-operatively.
Diagnosis of small bowel Crohn's disease: A prospective comparison of capsule endoscopy with magnetic resonance imaging and fluoroscopic enteroclysis. Gut.
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reported the usefulness of multislice CT combined with distention of the colon by rectal enteroclysis for intestinal endometriosis [50].
For many years, 'conventional' double contrast enteroclysis has been suggested as the technique of choice for the evaluation of the small intestine.
P Wunderlich et al., "Quantification of inflammatory activity in patients with Crohn's disease using diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) in MR enteroclysis and MR enterography," Acta Radiologica, vol.
In fact, although conventional enteroclysis is able to detect mucosal abnormalities of the small bowel, this fluoroscopic technique is not widely used since it is relatively invasive and often unpleasant for the patient.
CT enterography and enteroclysis are two advanced cross-sectional modalities that improved the sensitivity in detected small bowel tumors.
The incidence of the diverticulum of the small bowel varies from 0.2-1.3% in autopsy studies to 2.3% when assessed on enteroclysis. (1) It may be congenital or acquired and its prevalence increases with the age, occurring mostly in the 6th decade.
found that the prevalence of aphthous ulcers in BD patients was 83.3% based on enteroclysis, which is contrary to the results of the former study and our findings based on colonoscopy.