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a. enterocutáneo-a, que comunica la piel y el intestino.
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The endpoint of the study was complete healing of pyoderma gangrenosum and perianal disease and complete closure of enterocutaneous fistulas.
Enterocutaneous fistula is an abnormal communication between the intestine and the skin (1).
Complex enterocutaneous fistula: closure with rectus abdominis muscle flap.
This concept includes transient forms (IF type I) that usually occur after abdominal surgery and subacute forms (IF type 2) that may develop in patients with complex enterocutaneous fistula (1).
Except for the indications for re-laparotomy, 17 (48.5%) patients had various comorbidities, as follows: infection of the wound location in 8 (22.8%) cases, cardiopulmonary complications in 7 (20%), evisceration in one (2.8%), and enterocutaneous fistula (EFC) in one (2.8%) patient.
Doctors may also call a gastrointestinal fistula an enterocutaneous fistula or an intestinal fistula.
This common problem can result in bowel strangulation, pain, and enterocutaneous fistula, and it affects the quality of life.
Specific variables recorded for each patient were as follows: age, gender, duration of disease, disease behavior, disease location, perianal disease, intraabdominal septic complications (IASCs) including anastomotic leak, intra-abdominal abscess, or enterocutaneous fistula, previous abdominal surgery, BMI, smoking habits, preoperative hospitalizations, preoperative nutritional support and drug administration, surgical approach, length and class of incision, duration of operation, intraoperative blood loss, anastomosis position, postoperative IASCs, and stoma creation.
Application of amniotic and chorionic membranes is also convenient for the treatment of nonhealing trophic ulcers, vaginal reconstruction surgery, enterocutaneous fistula, prevention of adhesions, orthopedic pathology, replacement of the pelvic peritoneum, and so on [8, 19, 107, 108].
Follow-up CT scan was done on day 5, which showed subcutaneous midline anterior abdominal wall fluid collection with multiple air pockets with a tiny contrast focus noted at the inferior part representing enterocutaneous fistula.