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a. enterocutáneo-a, que comunica la piel y el intestino.
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But a small number of patients have intestinal leakage, which can lead to intra-abdominal abscess or enterocutaneous fistula and can be devastating.
Predictive value of preoperative serum C-reactive protein for recurrence after definitive surgical repair of enterocutaneous fistula.
Specified Morbidity (n = 71) Incidence Surgical Site Infection 16 (23%) Anastomotic Leak 13 (18%) Nosocomial Pneumonia 10 (14%) Acute Kidney Injury 9 (13%) Iatrogenic Injury 7 (10%) Enterocutaneous Fistulae 3 (4%) Iatrogenic Pneumothorax 2 (3%) Mesh Sepsis 2 (3%) Acute Coronary Syndrome 2 (3%) Other * 5 (7%) * Other: Central line sepsis (1), Bowel evisceration (1), Deep vein thrombosis (1), Biloma formation (1), Haemorrhage from colostomy (1) Table 4.
Here, we report a case involving a chronic enterocutaneous fistula (ECF) for 24 months that was treated using hypertonic saline injection within the duodenal mucosa and use of fibrin glue as an adhesive to ensure rapid closure.
A total of 15 (15%) patients were kept on ATT under observation, Of these 7(7%) were diagnosed with Ileocaecal mass, 5 (5%) with enterocutaneous fistula, and 3(3%) had sub-acute intestinal obstruction.
But, necessary hygienic measures is required to be maintained in surgical site to prevent post-operative complications like wound sepsis, enterocutaneous fistulas, chronic prosthetic infection etc (Kim et al.
This pathology may often be accompanied by intestinal obstructions or recurrent enterocutaneous fistulas.
Common complications from open surgical management include enterocutaneous fistulae or wound infection
Despite the fact that enterocutaneous fistula formation that occurs in strangulated cases is a rare complication, it might still occur in delayed and neglected cases (4).
Of these, one patient had previously failed a ureteral re-implant and one developed an enterocutaneous fistula post-ileal conduit urinary diversion.