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Noun1.entertainment center - a wall unit containing sound and television systemsentertainment center - a wall unit containing sound and television systems
wall unit - a piece of furniture having several units that stands against one wall of a room
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Fireworks also held in the Salalah Entertainment Center in Salalah City this evening, celebrating the 48th Glorious National Day.
EDMOND ShowBiz Cinemas announced that its new Edmond Bowling, Movies and More entertainment center is scheduled to open on Dec.
Robert Hansen Funway Ultimate Entertainment Center, Batavia
Sudue, on Fridays if you go around the Liberia National Fire Service office, an entertainment center there is always occupied by students from UMU.
Dayton, OH, November 09, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Scene75 Entertainment is proud to announce that Scene75 Dayton and Scene75 Cincinnati have both been named finalists for the 2016 Top Family Entertainment Center in North America.
7, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Promenade Ballroom 104 A and B, 12 to 1:45 p.m.
Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Chairman of Astana Group LLP Nurlan Smagulov who briefed the Kazakh President on the process of construction of an entertainment center for EXPO-2017, the press service of the Kazakh leader said Wednesday.
STRICT ADHERENCE: The Civil Defense will immediately close any entertainment center which violates safety standards.
The advent of all these new venues joining our mainstays makes us an entertainment center again, but in a way that's totally consistent with the neighborhood."
CIRI is developing a retail and entertainment center in Anchorage on the northwest corner of the intersection of Muldoon Road and the Glenn Highway.

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