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tr.v. en·thralled, en·thrall·ing, en·thralls
1. To hold spellbound; captivate: The magic show enthralled us.
2. To enslave.

[Middle English, to put in bondage : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + thrall, slave; see thrall.]

en·thrall′ing·ly adv.
en·thrall′ment n.
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Adv.1.enthrallingly - in a bewitching mannerenthrallingly - in a bewitching manner; "she was bewitchingly beautiful"
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Such has been the totemic midfielder's influence on his side, who have defied the odds to stand on the brink of immortality with France providing the final hurdle for this enthrallingly pugnacious Croatia.
Two masterpieces from the Diaghilev Ballets Russes era were enthrallingly given.
The enthrallingly enchanting film took many artists years to create, but it was worth the 'endless' effort, because the finished production is an artistic achievement in its own right, which can be viewed again and again in years to come.
When I try to recall whether I have ever heard it performed as enthrallingly as that, I find Belohlavek's account to eclipse even the performances of Sawallisch and Kubelik.
In his enthrallingly structured, heart-wrenching docudrama, Clint Eastwood has the audacity to portray Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) as a countercultural hero: an airline captain who, in meeting disaster by landing his damaged plane on the Hudson River, didn't go by the book (or the computer).
Players are now able to time their runs to an unprecedented level of precision and analyse which opposition defenders are capable of anticipating new moves through better defensive shielding skills, allowing for a balanced, enthrallingly challenging game.
One theme of Donald Trump's meteoric political rise has been how fame and fortuneand his enthrallingly obtuse personalityhas exempted him from the rules the rest of us live by.
"Nightcrawler,'' a darkly comic, enthrallingly disturbing portrait of our universal appetite for lurid tragedy, marks a high point in Gyllenhaal's maturation.
Several also noted that the twists of fate that bring Werner and Marie-Laure together strain credulity, but readers willing to suspend their disbelief will be treated to a story that is "enthrallingly told, beautifully written and so emotionally plangent that some passages bring tears" (Washington Post).