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Noun1.enthronisation - the ceremony of installing a new monarchenthronisation - the ceremony of installing a new monarch
induction, initiation, installation - a formal entry into an organization or position or office; "his initiation into the club"; "he was ordered to report for induction into the army"; "he gave a speech as part of his installation into the hall of fame"
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(14) In his anniversary speech on the occasion of the enthronisation of the Patriarch, the President of Romania expressly states the political role of the Romanian Orthodox community in the European Union: "The organizing of new dioceses and parishes in the diaspora, from Spain to Australia and Sweden, in Italy, represented a priority emphasized in this first year of your Holiness's patriarchate.
The Mutterfest was introduced in all of the Gemeinen on December 19, 1756, as the Enthronisation des Heiligen Geistes zur alleinigen Kirchen-Mutter festival.(55)
On December 18, 1756, in preparation for the celebration of the new Enthronisation des Heiligen Geistes festival, "the children had their sabbath lovefeast and the Gemeine its liturgy with the `Prayer of the Church to the Holy Spirit,' and together they were notified of tomorrow's Mother Festival of the Holy Spirit with the ardent wish that the Holy Spirit would declare and enthrone herself as Mother in every heart."(56) The festival oil the following day was considered a special blessing to the Gemeine: "It was a day that the Lord has made, the likes of which had never yet been celebrated.