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n. Logic
A syllogism in which one of the premises or the conclusion is not stated explicitly.

[Latin enthȳmēma, from Greek enthūmēma, a rhetorical argument, from enthūmeisthai, to consider : en-, in; see en-2 + thūmos, mind.]


1. (Logic) an incomplete syllogism, in which one or more premises are unexpressed as their truth is considered to be self-evident
2. (Logic) any argument some of whose premises are omitted as obvious
[C16: via Latin from Greek enthumēma, from enthumeisthai to infer (literally: to have in the mind), from en-2 + thumos mind]
ˌenthymeˈmatic, ˌenthymeˈmatical adj


(ˈɛn θəˌmim)

a syllogism or other argument in which a premise or the conclusion is unexpressed.
[1580–90; < Latin enthȳmēma < Greek enthymēma thought, argument, derivative of enthȳmē-, variant s. of enthȳmeîsthai to ponder]
en`thy•me•mat′ic, adj.
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To do so, Gordon reads the presentation of facts and figures from both pro- and contra-bitumen interests alongside rhetorical theory on bullshit, enthymemes, and the various limits of arguments steeped in ethos, logos, and pathos.
Aristotle's remark on Isocrates' treatment of Evagoras is a case in point: in his discussion about enthymemes, Aristotle points to the fact that the Athenian general Conon took refuge with Evagoras as proof of Evagoras' goodness, and as confirmation of Isocrates' judgment on Evagoras.
Paradigm involves the use of anecdotes and stories for proving a point, and enthymemes are the syllogistic arguments in which a claim is supported by one or more spans.
It may be that visuals open up previously closed sites of contestation (Olson & Goodnight, 1994), challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and thus close off the possibility of verbal enthymemes, or create "mind-bombs" that reconfigure the grounds of argument (Deluca, 1999a & 1999b).
Why would anyone want to deny your right to thati Visionary politics relies primarily on imaginative appeals, not syllogisms or enthymemes, as anyone who has listened to recent presidential campaigns will recognize.
He wrote about syllogisms as forms of tight philosophical logic but situated enthymemes with popular, informal speech (Aristotle 2007, 34).
The Because RhetComp Tumblr site creates truncated enthymemes asserting individual scholars as the "reason" for concepts and movements in the field; examples include "Taste/Because Blair" "Technologies of Wonder/Because Delagrange" (http ://becauserhetcomp .
Judgments of logical soundness and pragmatic convincingness as related to standard 3 component syllogisms and to enthymemes.
That is, his writing is a series of enthymemes, which, if we agree with their premises, construct arguments whose logical coherence is really impossible to break down.
In most of the rhetorical situations, logical argumentation to prove a thesis is enough: enthymemes, epicheiremes and ratiocinations.
The ethical appeal has particular importance in legal discourse because the modes of persuasion through enthymemes and examples present arguments based on probability, not certainty of proof.
Within this part of this paper it will be detailed an interpretation about a meaningful coexistence of the philosophical argumentation and the rhetoric style, using Aristotelian enthymemes at the crucial loci of the work, the above mentioned paragraphs.