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Noun1.entire leaf - a leaf having a smooth margin without notches or indentationsentire leaf - a leaf having a smooth margin without notches or indentations
foliage, leaf, leafage - the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
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Matcha powder added to hot water and served as tea makes the beverage rich in all the essential nutrients from the entire leaf. It elicits the catechins and antioxidants that it contains.
The most studied active components of olive leave are oleacin and oleuropin; but in nature, the synergy from the entire leaf or plant component seems to be far more effective than its mere extracts.
The specific segmentation procedure, as presented in Figure 1, was as follows: the green part of the leaf was first extracted by the selection of a region of interest (ROI), followed by image subtraction between the entire leaf and the green part (both of them converted to binary images during image segmentation) to extract the nongreen (chlorotic) part.
The initial symptoms of disease involved small, oval or irregular, dark brown leaf spots, later resulted into severe leaf blight covering entire leaf. In the advanced stage large, distinct yellow halo around the brown spots which united with other spots to form large chlorotic and necrotic areas on blighted leaves.
Thus the optimization process of the algorithm is designed to get an entire leaf edge.
The New World pitcher plants grow on the ground and their entire leaf extends up to form the leaf and pitcher.
The thickness of the leaves was determined in two ways: four points on each side of the midrib, totaling eight points on the entire leaf area (Figure 1A) and fifteen points on the entire leaf area; eight outside the ribs and seven on the ribs (Figure 1B).
Symptoms included dark brown spots on leaf margins or entire leaf surface (Figure 1B).Infected leaves were sampled for pathogen isolation.
It is purported to have greater health benefits than regular green tea because instead of steeping the leaves and discarding them, the entire leaf is ground up and dissolved into water.
The other process begins by grinding up the entire leaf. "This gives you a green goop," he noted--a mixture that is then "decolorized" via purification processes such as filtrating with activated charcoal.
In roses, heavier damage than in almond was observed, sometimes on the entire leaf (Fig.