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Feeding on insects; insectivorous.
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(Zoology) feeding mainly on insects; insectivorous
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(ˌɛn təˈmɒf ə gəs)

feeding on insects.
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"Only a few other predator groups such as spiders and entomophagous insects (including in particular predaceous ants) can keep up with the insectivorous birds in their capacity to suppress plant-eating insect populations on a global scale," he added.
Entomophagous insects have specialized sensory systems that allow them to use a variety of cues to find target organisms (Hatano et al.
The insects were grouped into functional guilds: saprophages, phytophagous, entomophagous (grouping parasitoids and predators) and others (include hematophagous, muscivorous and nectarivorous), considering the preferred eating habits of the lower taxonomic level identified.
The life history of the Genus Chrysoperla is complex; its larvae are entomophagous often called aphid loin, feed on more than 500 aphids during the larval period (Kift et al., 2005).
Within this context, this research was conducted with the objectives of surveying the appearance of the citrus blackfly in other citrus-producing municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, since the first notification in 2010, evaluating the occurrence of this pest's natural enemies in 'Tahiti' lime orchards, as well as the population of entomophagous insects that are present, and verifying the existence of other plant species as hosts of this pest.
Several studies have shown that the abundance and richness of entomophagous insects within an agricultural environment are closely related to the nature of the surrounding vegetation (Altieri et al.
The study was designed to investigate the impact of water stress on varietal response to cotton cultivars, Helicoverpa armigera and its associated entomophagous insects [Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) and Habrobracon hebetor (Say)] as well as the feasibility of different Integrated Pest Management (IPM) modules for management of H.
In this management practice many entomophagous insects including predators and parasitoids to be released for the suppression of insect pests, which are serious threat to our crops.
The higher frequency of the pest in no-burn treatments proved that fire exerted a control by eliminating entomophagous inocula.
balachowskyi Tsacas from Madagascar are subject to infestations of the entomophagous fungus Laboulbenia curtonoti Rossi & Kirk-Spriggs (Ascomycota), a species with an elongated rhizoid which penetrates the host's cuticle (Rossi & Kirk-Spriggs 2011).