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The rather insignificant and unattractive Brantain was enormously rich; and she liked and required the entourage which wealth could give her.
Every new note from behind sounded to their frightened ears the coming of The Sheik and his bloodthirsty entourage. They were in a blue funk, and the sight of the naked white warrior stepping silently out of the jungle through which they had just passed had been sufficient shock to let loose in action all the pent nerve energy of Malbihn, who had been the first to see the strange apparition.
ABOVE the roof of the palace that housed the Jed of Gathol and his entourage, the cruiser Vanator tore at her stout moorings.
He remembered her entourage on the steamer; her father and mother, the silent senseless burghers, so little "of the world," her infant sister, so much of it, her humorous brother with his tall hat and his influence in the smoking- room.
The meetings will be chaired by Athletes Entourages Committee chairman and former Ukrainian pole vault champion Sergey Bubka and attended by all members, in addition to IOC president Bach.
In each of those trips?, where he was staying and details of those places of stays and the moneys paid for those places of his stay for him, family members, as well for his entourages?
Imagine Entourage with Ari Gold as the lead, with several different Vinny Chases and entourages to work and party with.
He said: "When there are vast sums of money there are always disputes, particularly within the entourages.