entrance fee

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Noun1.entrance fee - the fee charged for admissionentrance fee - the fee charged for admission  
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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It seems," he said, smiling towards her, "that I am called upon to pay a heavy entrance fee on my return amongst your friends.
His three hundred guinea entrance fee paid, his three sureties of five hundred pounds each found, his name approved by the Committee, and all other formalities complied with, he found himself whirling round, an insignificant unit, in the vortex of the money market of the world.
7872(c)(1)(E) are proposed; since such proposed regulations have not yet been published, the instant entrance fee could not be classified as a significant effect loan.
My credit cards were full and I used a new one to pay the entrance fee to a trade show where I met an investor who backed my project.
A Watters is dismayed by the minimum entrance fee for this month's Welsh National at Chepstow
A daily entrance fee of only pounds 10 provided the opportunity to enjoy exciting and varied events which are unique and attract many of us who no longer reside in Wales.
Typically, continuing care campuses require an upfront entrance fee and a monthly fee for the opportunity to live in a community where you may live independently in an apartment or cottage home.
I wonder how many of those complaining about the entrance fee have actually contributed to the cathedral's finances?
It charges no entrance fee and is a must for visitors to Liverpool.
It occurred to us that, in these days of austerity and cutbacks, a considerable revenue could be raised from non-residents of Wales paying an entrance fee to this and other heritage sites.
Police arrested the organiser who did not own the house and was charging people an entrance fee, and a charge for drinks -- without the necessary permits.
By substituting (21) into the general expressions (12) and (18), one obtains specific functions defining the customer's total entrance fee paid under rivalry and collusion.