entrance fee

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Noun1.entrance fee - the fee charged for admissionentrance fee - the fee charged for admission  
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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"It seems," he said, smiling towards her, "that I am called upon to pay a heavy entrance fee on my return amongst your friends.
His three hundred guinea entrance fee paid, his three sureties of five hundred pounds each found, his name approved by the Committee, and all other formalities complied with, he found himself whirling round, an insignificant unit, in the vortex of the money market of the world.
Ang mga turista ay nagbabayad naman ng entrance fee (What is important is that we are adding more jobs because of tourist influx in our province.
Article 1 of the Ministerial Decision (No 1/2019) determines the entrance fee of vehicles to Salut Fort as follows:
A separate entrance fee of P350 will be charged for the Snow World attraction.
Further pressure on the financial performance has come from the timing of entrance fees, with PPHI showing negative net entrance fee receipts for the first six months of 2018.
'Ito pa lang ang 'entrance fee' ng mga importer para mabigyan ng certificate of eligibility at import permit.
The new law limits how long senior facilities can hold onto the fee, but as for a timeline only indicates that "residents should see shorter wait times for the refundable entrance fee."
The hefty entrance fee plus what visitors spend in the restaurant/tea room is now running close to PS5m.
Takiyuddin said PAS also charges an unspecified entrance fee to its members and supporters who attend its annual party gathering, which it calls a muktamar.
The people and students interested in books reading can get gate passes from Town-I Peshawar so that they could reach to the library with ease without paying entrance fee required for entrance to historic Shalimar gardens.