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en·trance 1

1. The act or an instance of entering.
2. A means or point by which to enter.
3. Permission or power to enter; admission: gained entrance to medical school.
4. The point, as in a musical score, at which a performer begins.
5. The first entry of an actor into a scene.
6. Nautical The immersed part of a ship's hull forward of the middle body.

[Middle English entraunce, right to enter, from Old French, from entrer, to enter; see enter.]

en·trance 2

tr.v. en·tranced, en·tranc·ing, en·tranc·es
1. To put into a trance.
2. To fill with delight, wonder, or enchantment: a child who was entranced by a fairy tale. See Synonyms at charm.

en·trance′ment n.
en·tranc′ing·ly adv.
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having been filled with delight to the exclusion of anything else. See also entrance2
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Adj.1.entranced - filled with wonder and delightentranced - filled with wonder and delight  
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations
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[ɪnˈtrɑːnst] adjfasciné(e)
For three hours we sat entranced → Nous sommes restés assis pendant trois heures, fascinés.
I became entranced with the idea → Cette idée a commencé à m'obséder.
see also entranceentrance examination entrance exam nexamen m d'entrée, examen m d'admissionentrance fee n (to club)droit m d'inscription; (to museum)droit m d'entréeentrance hall n [house, hotel] → hall m d'entréeentrance ramp n (US) (to motorway)bretelle f d'accèsentrance requirements npl (for university)conditions fpl d'admission
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And then the fare leaned back, entranced, and breathed deep the clean, wholesome odours of grass and leaf and bloom.
APPEAL: Clr Christine Stansfield outside the former main entrance to Huddersfield Town Hall in Ramsden Street (AC040408Bhall-3); UNHAPPY.: Clr Christine Stansfield is not entranced by the new main way in to Huddersfield Town Hall in Corporation Street (AC040408Bhall-2)
Customers have been entranced by Future Systems' silver tunnel transporting them from the New York street to the interior of the [shop.sup.1].