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v. en·treat·ed, en·treat·ing, en·treats
1. To make an earnest request of (someone). See Synonyms at beg.
2. To ask for earnestly; petition for: "She made a hasty gesture with her hand, as if to entreat my patience and my silence" (Charles Dickens).
3. Archaic To deal with; treat.
To make an earnest request or petition.

[Middle English entreten, from Anglo-Norman entreter : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + treter, to treat; see treat.]

en·treat′ing·ly adv.
en·treat′ment n.
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Adv.1.entreatingly - in a beseeching mannerentreatingly - in a beseeching manner; "`You must help me,' she said imploringly"


[ɪnˈtriːtɪŋlɪ] ADV [look, ask] → de modo suplicante


References in classic literature ?
How confidently did my dream contemplate this finite world, not new- fangledly, not old-fangledly, not timidly, not entreatingly:--
"Let me see it," requested the young woman, entreatingly.
"If it was you stole my money," said Silas, clasping his hands entreatingly, and raising his voice to a cry, "give it me back-- and I won't meddle with you.