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Noun1.entrenching tool - a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenchesentrenching tool - a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenches
hand shovel - a shovel that is operated by hand
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With the left side of her skull crushed, the police later surmised that she had been killed to 21 days earlier by a weapon similar to a military entrenching tool. She maybe knew her assailant or was assaulted as she slept.
On the test bench in the Amur region employees of "Transneft - Far East" simulated leakage of hydrocarbons, unauthorized operation entrenching tool work earthmoving equipment, as well as the passage and travel within the protective zone of the pipeline.
Turrall dragged the officer into a shell hole, bandaging his leg with one of his puttees, and used part of his entrenching tool as a splint.
It often required that the bolt be struck with a boot heel or entrenching tool to eject the spent cartridge and chamber the next round.
The elaborate trench systems of World War I increased demand for Ames shovels dramatically, while World War II saw Ames develop the folding entrenching tool familiar to most U.S.
Clockwise |from top left, Phoebe Ellen Jones and Albert Edward Smith in 1914; the Christmas 1916 postcard; son Albert with a entrenching tool; and below with his dad's medals won in the Great War
A must have for any outdoor enthusiast; the Glock E-Tool (shovel] is an innovative entrenching tool with a surface-treated blade, which can be locked in three positions for multiple uses.
The boy took his entrenching tool from his pack, stepped into the hole and leadenly began to dig out the bad places.
But while an entrenching tool ain't a substitute for a pistol, either, it sure beats an empty hand.
The EOD team was using an entrenching tool jury-rigged to the front of their robot to dig and move objects.
Conversely, it is possible to apply lethal force with an instrument (such as an entrenching tool) that is designed for nonlethal purposes.