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1. Appropriate for or one who is new to something, such as a job or activity: an entry-level job in sales; an entry-level computer.
2. Of or relating to a job or position that requires little experience and is low in a hierarchy: entry-level wages.
3. Appropriate for a beginner; basic: an entry-level digital camera.


1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) (of a job or worker) at the most elementary level in a career structure
2. (Commerce) (of a product) characterized by being at the most appropriate level for use by a beginner: an entry-level camera.


1. suitable for unskilled or inexperienced workers: entry-level jobs.
2. being relatively simple in design and low in cost: entry-level computers.


[ˈentrɪlevl] ADJ
1. (= starting) [salary, position] → inicial
2. (Comput) → básico
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Our manager referred to this procedure as a post entry-level procedure.
Auto Business News-11 May 2010-Mercedes-Benz takes feedback for entry-level segment(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
The California Association of Realtors[R] (CAR), Los Angeles, announced that housing affordability for entry-level homes improved just marginally in the fourth quarter of 2009 versus a year earlier.
Nineteen percent of county households -- a record low for the county in this 4-year-old survey -- earned enough money to afford an entry-level home in California in the last three months of 2006, the Los Angeles-based California Association of Realtors said.
Higher unemployment, especially among entry-level workers (sometimes accompanied by reduced benefits or fewer hours of work), is inevitable when the government forces employers to increase their labor costs.
And entry-level systems can be upgraded to the technologically advanced Digital Strobe at any time.
THE MARKET FOR ENTRY-LEVEL ACCOUNTING software is large because there are so many small businesses.
If you are a CPA who either supervises entry-level CPAs or is familiar with what is expected of entry-level CPAs--or can help to identify members of your organization who meet these criteria--volunteer to become part of this important effort.
The entry-level offer consists of a HP Workstation xw4000 with 2GHz, 256 MB, 40GB disk, Intel Pentium 4, ATI FIRE GL 8800 graphics card, Windows XP, Maya Complete 4.
This technology addresses the backup requirements of computing environments from notebooks and PCs to entry-level servers (defined as servers priced less than $3,500, such as those found in small and medium businesses and departments of large companies).
And the more "modular" approach to CIM - where the users buy only the software pieces they need - has given rise to lower-cost entry-level systems.
For graduates interested in seeing the world, gaining international experience, learning other languages and cultures, and promoting peace, the Peace Corps has entry-level opportunities for volunteers.