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A passage or opening by which to enter.
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chiefly US the way into a building
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(ˈɛn triˌweɪ)

a passage affording entrance.
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Noun1.entryway - something that provides access (to get in or get out)entryway - something that provides access (to get in or get out); "they waited at the entrance to the garden"; "beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral"
access, approach - a way of entering or leaving; "he took a wrong turn on the access to the bridge"
archway, arch - a passageway under a curved masonry construction; "they built a triumphal arch to memorialize their victory"
doorway, room access, door, threshold - the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; "he stuck his head in the doorway"
gateway - an entrance that can be closed by a gate
hatchway, scuttle, opening - an entrance equipped with a hatch; especially a passageway between decks of a ship
pithead - the entrance to a coal mine
portal - a grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically); "the portals of the cathedral"; "the portals of heaven"; "the portals of success"
porte-cochere - a carriage entrance passing through a building to an enclosed courtyard
servant's entrance, service door, service entrance - an entrance intended for the use of servants or for delivery of goods and removal of refuse
stage door - an entrance to the backstage area of theater; used by performers and other theater personnel
vomitory - an entrance to an amphitheater or stadium
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[ˈɛntriweɪ] n (mainly US) (= entrance) → entrée f, hall m d'entrée
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"You want your entryway to be the first aesthetic signal for the rest of the home," Yokota advises.
We also received 11 letters on the Confederated Tribes of Coos Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians' plans to build a casino near Florence; eight on the absence of an entryway ramp in the design for the new federal courthouse, seven on questions regarding credit card expenditures at FOOD for Lane County, and six each on the state's budget crisis and former Miss Oregon Brita Stream's July 21 guest viewpoint on a possible link between abortions and breast cancer.
Plans call for underground utilities, equestrian trails and a gated entryway with 98 lots, averaging two acres with wooded buffers.
A post-Panamax ship now arrives once a week to the Tecon Rio Grande port, beating the neighboring port in Montevideo, which has begun to dredge its entryway to attract the colossal cruisers.
Although the company paid $75 million to put its name on the theater over 20 years, that payment didn't include the right to have the main Hollywood Boulevard entryway sign visible on Oscar night.
Coral Duo, a new clean-off system by Bona Floors U.S., traps more walked-in dirt and moisture than other velour entryway products.
The promenade ends at the east-facing opal-glass facade, with a transparent band above the entryway; then exits through a conservatory outside the limestone wall.
The capital improvement program includes a dramatic new entryway and two-story lobby, an entirely new roof, HVAC systems, upgraded window systems, tenant lobbies and common areas, as well as extensive site work and landscaping.
Visitors could buzz at the street-level entryway and climb up four flights of wooden stairs to inspect the artist's temporary home: two bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom, with electricity and running water appropriated from the museum.