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v. en·twined, en·twin·ing, en·twines
To twine around or together: The ivy entwined the column.
To twine or twist together.

en·twine′ment n.
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Discursive Entwinement: How White Transracially Adoptive Parents Navigate Race.
In his introduction, Chude-Sokei presents his key ideas in relation to the analogous cultural histories between race and technology in the New World as a constructive scholarly dyad shaped by slavery, providing both history and context for the entwinement of race and technology in literature, popular culture, and thought.
Similarly, Bryan Palmer and Joan Sangster, writing as co-editors of a collection of readings in Canadian working-class history, make the noteworthy observation that "the histories of Native peoples and workers are neither separable nor able to be rewritten without understanding the extent to which they are deeply entwined." (9) However, neither they nor any of the chapters collected in their volume further theorize this entwinement in terms of colonialism.
Part of it is a response to the increasing entwinement of Israel with the Republican Party, thanks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hostility toward former President Barack Obama and embrace of Republican leadership, which has been strengthened by the tight relations between Donald Trump's White House and Netanyahu.
O belng-in-the-world parte da ideia de lifeworld de Husserl (2006), mas avanca no sentido de considerar o entwinement, que e o entrelacamento dos seres humanos com as coisas a sua volta e a condicao ontologica (e nao epistemologica) que distingue a cultura da natureza.
There as here, subject-system identity appears in a powerful statement about the always-already entwinement of the individual and social.
The author identifies salient characteristics of vocal music and illuminates its entwinement with cultural, social, and political events.
Digital prefigurative participation: The entwinement of online communication and offline participation in protest events.
In Joyce's particular experience, the institution loses its appeal largely because of its entwinement with politics.
A clear understanding of the entwinement of knowledge in both economic and epistemic extraversion is very important.
The degree of rigidity is often reflective of religion-government entwinement. Because it's religious and traditional, breaching the norm presents invalidation to the holders of current practice.
Studies by Noriko Manabe, Richard Bramwell, Sujatha Fernandes, Ali Colleen Neff, and Brenna Reinhart Byrd focus on hip-hop outside the United States, each offering a case for the localization of hip-hop, its entwinement in local politics, and its place within the hip-hop diaspora.