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The introduction of venom into a body by means of the bite or sting of a venomous animal.


n. 1. envenenamiento por picadura de un miembro de la clase Artropoda: cangrejos, langostas, arañas, etc;
2. acto de introducir un agente venenoso por medio de una mordida, picadura, u otra forma inyectable.


n envenenamiento (de origen animal)
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Don't let your pet examine a dead snake, as it can still envenomate.
All scorpaenids envenomate their victims by erecting the spines on their dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins that pierce their victim's flesh and inject venom down bilateral grooves connected to venom glands on either side of the spines.
On the basis of the adhesive property of everted spirocyst tubules and the penetrating and venomous properties of mastigophores (Mariscal, 1974), it has been commonly inferred that penetrant nematocysts principally envenomate and immobilize prey, while spirocysts principally attach stung prey and inert substrates to the tentacles (McFarlane and Shelton, 1975; also, "Spirocysts are adhesive organelles which function both in prey capture and substrate attachment," Mariscal et al., 1977).