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So desirable as to arouse envy: "the enviable English quality of being able to be mute without unrest" (Henry James).

en′vi·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.enviably - in an enviable manner; "she was enviably fluent in French"


[ˈɛnvɪəblɪ] advinvidiabilmente
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The whole aspect of the place started another train of thought and struck her as enviably free; in such a room one could work--one could have a life of one's own.
O, what a wonderful man this Merdle, what a great man, what a master man, how blessedly and enviably endowed--in one word, what a rich man!
The enviably large bathroom has a walk-in closet, shoe racks and his-and-hers sinks.
Ancient, enigmatic Georgia, enviably positioned between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, lays claim to one of history's greatest civilizing feats: the first domestication of wild grapes more than five thousand years ago.
H]is audiences at scientific meetings typically overflow the room, and he is enviably comfortable speaking to eightyear-olds.
The dining area in the picture is enviably grand and spacious, but the same principle applies in a small area.
The spacious master suite consumes almost the entire third floor and incorporates an enviably proportioned closet/dressing room.
And if you've already seen photos of his wedding to the enviably gorgeous Turkish fashion designer Bashak Dzire, we're providing you with more pictures from their wedding album to make you green with envy.
DRAMA The theme tune's the same, so's the title sequence, and even agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) look enviably unchanged.
The ensemble troupe are enviably talented with each actor swapping effortlessly between dialogue, singing and even playing the instruments that create the discordant, angular music that sets so much of the distinctive tone of this story of four evacuees who find a portal to a magical world in the mysterious professor's house.
Muslims made up 14 percent of victimsan enviably low number, compared to what Jews sufferedbut their numbers were up 14 percent in a year.
New co-worker James (Eisenberg) upsets the balance - he is the physical double of Simon but personality-wise, his exact opposite: confident, engaging and enviably charming around women.