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n. pl. en·vi·ros Informal
An environmentalist.


n, pl enviros
(Environmental Science) informal an environmentalist


(ɛnˈvaɪ roʊ)
n., pl. -ros.
Informal. an environmentalist.
[1985–90; by shortening]
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lt;p>HP charges $150 to $170 for an Enviro battery, which Lampe-Onnerud said is $20 to $40 more than equivalent 6-cell batteries (the Enviros are currently discounted by 25% as part of HP's Labor Day Sale).
So, yes, the enviros made some overwrought predictions in the past.
The notion of formal insider influence is a tempestuous one to enviros.
If anything will push the enviros into that descent it is fund-raising.
As Anna Bramwell noted in Ecology in the Twentieth Century, far from advancing a decentralized small-is-beautiful philosophy, the orthodox enviro prescription "involves mass planning and coercion.
Enviro lobbyists called the deal a sellout because 1990 cars already averaged only 2.
Enviro lobbyists understood about compliance cushions.
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