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The branch of science that deals with the biochemical nature and activity of enzymes.

en′zy·mol′o·gist n.
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Noun1.enzymologist - a person who is trained in or engaged in enzymology
biochemist - someone with special training in biochemistry
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The chair, Gemmell Morgan, introduced him to a brilliant enzymologist, John King, who would have a profound effect on McQueen.
Alexander was trained as an enzymologist at New York University.
Moreover, the utilization of membranes has attracted the attention of the enzymologist for applying them as highly efficient and stable support in immobilizing industrially important enzymes [1-3].
This is already very valuable information for the enzymologist. The simulations show that for transient state experiments where [(ES).sub.1] and [(ES).sub.2] states are well separated in time, small crystals must be used.
"It's a system that people thought they had understood for 100 years," says enzymologist Kerstin Blank of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Simpson (Associate Professor and Enzymologist, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, McGill University, Quebec , Canada), Food Biochemistry & Food Processing is a comprehensive coverage of developments, advances, and innovations in the biochemical, technological, enzymes, chemistry, and fermentation of food.