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 (ē′ə-sĭn′ə-fĭl′) also e·o·sin·o·phile (-fīl′)
A white blood cell that functions in the immune response by releasing enzymes that can kill parasites and other pathogens. Eosinophils are found chiefly in connective tissue and contain granules that are stained by eosin or other acid dyes.
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Noun1.eosinophile - a leukocyte readily stained with eosineosinophile - a leukocyte readily stained with eosin
leucocyte, leukocyte, WBC, white blood cell, white blood corpuscle, white cell, white corpuscle - blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an important part of the body's defense system
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, eosinophile
n. eosinófilo, célula granulocítica que acepta fácilmente la acción colorante de la eosina.
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Inflammatory-edematous alterations were ascertained by the presence of the budding blastospores and pseudomicellar fibers in the gingival tissue in the acute phase and from the fourth day onwards granulomatous alterations occurred with abscess formation in addition to numerous predominantly eosinophile elements and pseudohyphae.
In terms of the percentage of eosinophile in peripheral blood and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), SAD groups were significantly lower (p < 0.01) than model group.
Complete blood counts (leucocytes (WBC), erythrocytes (RBC), hemoglobin (Hb), hematocrit (HCT), mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophile, basophile) in the blood samples with EDTA were performed with a blood counter (Beckman Coulter Gen-S Hematology Analyzer, USA).
Her study suggests the uses of eosinophile and succinate dehydrogenase levels as Biomarkers for Hymenolepiasis.
There were measured power of forced expiration by pneumotachometer, the bronchi receptor sensitivity threshold to histamine and acetylcholine, nose respiratory function, eosinophile quantity in the peripheral blood and nasal mucose secrete.
This entity is caused by a deep defect in the respiratory explosion that accompanies the phagocytosis of all myeloid cells (neutrophil, eosinophile, monocyte, macrophage).
She has had a persistently elevated eosinophile count, but everything else is negative.

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